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Hero choke lifts Striker at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Hero vs Striker - Mat Wars 130

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

"I don't think you're ready for this!" grins the 210lbs muscle beast circling his tiny prey salivating at the chance to RIP him apart! Locking up, Striker whips around the behemoth wrapping his bicep around his throat in a takedown but struggles to keep the big man down. Hero easily breaks free rising to his feet when the lightweight jumps on his hulking frame desperately trying for scissor/sleeper combo. "You ain't that strong; I got a monkey on my back!" taunts the mountain of muscle TOSSING the 165 pounder across the arena with one arm. "You can't disrespect me like that; you're the new kid!" flexes Hero towering over his victim as he struggles to get up, "Let's go!" Tying up, the behemoth breaks away hoisting the rookie up across his boulder shoulders in a massive fireman's carry SHAKING him around as he groans in pain and is slammed down. Surprisingly, Striker springs up and charges in for an attack but is caught under the beast's bulging bicep in a guillotine choke. "You know what; I can't treat you like this! I'm gonna let you have one, gotta teach you who your daddy is!" Sparing his life, Hero lets go as Striker lifts the muscle monster in a fireman's carry parading him around, "Yeah, what's up now huh?" "My turn!" Back on his feet, the behemoth engulfs the rookie in a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug. "You're too strong!" screams Striker straining to escape; his small frame nearly broken in half collapses to the mat. "Now you're getting it!" flexes Hero mounting his victim's chest CHOKING him with his meathook hands, but he narrowly escapes his impending doom. "Did I say get up? Come here; how about you show me your bearhug!" challenges the beast as the rookie charges in over and over but is easily pushed away. "Gotta change it up on you!" groans the newbie finally lifting the 210 pounder SLAMMING him on his back. "Not gonna lie; knocked the wind out of me. Guarantee it won't happen twice!" Hungry for payback, the dazed Hero gets back up retaliating with another brutal belly to belly bearhug driving him even HARDER into the ground! "Do you need help up?" In agony, Striker peels himself up and tries toppling the muscle giant lifting his granite-slab leg, but he doesn't budge! "Come here new guy, let me show you something!" orders Hero clamping on NECK-BREAKING full nelson. Powerless to escape the behemoth's clutches, the groaning newbie is dragged down and slammed face first into the mat rattling his brain! "I don't know if you're cut out for this kid!" taunts the mountain of muscle planting his foot on his prey's back flexing. Striker tries again to lift the rock-hard beast, but it doesn't work as a fire ignites inside the newbie. "You getting angry now? Anger is good. First off, if you wanna lift me; you gotta get bigger arms. Come here, size up next to me!" orders Hero. "I don't need help from you!" yells the rookie PUSHING the behemoth away sending him into a rage! A massive fireman's carry and brutal arm lock on the mat have Striker howling in pain. Somehow, he breaks free rolling the muscle giant on his back trying for a pin, "What's up? Get up now!" "You have so much to learn! School let out early?" laughs Hero at the young rookie's struggle. "You got jokes now?" Back on their feet, The lightweight tries again for a takedown but can't move the beast. "You scratched me! First off, if you wanna grab a man, you gotta have some arms. Let me see!" orders Hero as the titans compare biceps, his pythons nearly the size of the rookie's head, "You taking notes?" "No!" yells Striker reaching over and CHOPS the behemoth's beefy pecs. "Like that actually hurt me, go ahead!" taunts Hero challenging the newbie to do it again. A second, harder chop stings the 210 pounder as he's picked up in a TORNADO FIREMAN'S CARRY and slammed down. Striker mounts the burly muscle giant's chest in reverse and POUNDS away at his chiseled abs as he groans in pain. "What do you got? Those big arms, you can't move! Who's weak now?" Angry, Hero overpowers the lightweight rolling him over for BACK-BREAKING Boston crab as he claws the mat in agony powerless to escape. "Also what's gonna help you lift me is you need some legs; without legs, you got nothing!" The dominant beast continues his torture with not 1, not 2, but 3 back to back DEVASTATING chokelifts! "Please, I can't breathe, no more!" Gasping for air, Striker begs for mercy; his body becomes limp as he struggles to stay conscious. "That's for scratching my neck! Number one rule as a man: you don't scratch!" Crumbling down on his back, Hero straddles his victim and does one and two-arm push ups on top of his motionless body. "Get off me, stop!" His 210lbs frame CRUSHES him deeper and deeper into the ground breaking his bones as he struggles to breathe. "School's in session!" threatens Hero as the brutal battle continues: tight half nelson, grueling torture rack, over-the-knee back breaker, RIB-SHATTERING belly to belly bearhug! "I don't wanna go to school!" groans the barely conscious Striker pleading for the match to stop! "It's too late!"