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Iceman18 and Hawk vs Big Stick - Custom Video Series 157

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

 Iceman and Hawk bearhug challenge the new rookie Big Stick! 

Who will BREAK the newest rookie jobber?

Iceman comes into the garage like a bulldozer ready to snap the Big Stick in half with his chest to chest bearhug! He picks Big Stick back up over his shoulders before slamming him down into the mat! The rookie tries to lift the 240 lb. Iceman up but he cannot! He snaps down giving Iceman the chance to throw him away and snatch him up to break his back with another bearhug! Big Stick screams for mercy. He tries to smother Iceman in his own bearhug. Only to discover, big pecs don't move! Iceman lifts Big Stick over his shoulders and continues to brutally work over his lower back. Iceman is wearing down the poor rookie so he can flex his biceps and smack his victims ass and call him a punk bitch! Bearhugs, fireman carries, torture racks, are Iceman's favorite weapons of domination to break in the new rookie! Tune in to see how much pain Big Stick can take...

Not to be outdone, the 250 lbs. Hawk hears the screams of the 150 lbs. stick and decides that he wants to get a piece of that action! Hawk tricks Big Stick into a bearhug challenge then easily wraps up the 150 lbs. Big Stick in a chest to chest bearhug and begins to crush the rookie! Hawk sinks his 21 inch talon arms into the lower back of Big Stick and refuses to let go until Big Stick slips out of his sweaty grip. Big Stick struggles to put Hawk in a bearhug but he is too sweaty and weak so he fails. Hawk punishes the rookie back locking him back up in more brutal bearhugs. This display of dominance is rarely seen at Thunders Arena. While carrying Big Stick around on his shoulders, Hawk says, "I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH YOU!" Big Stick begins to pass out in Hawk's powerful grip! Hawk takes his time to slowly and methodically tear Big Stick into pieces! Will Hawk make Big Stick submit more times than Iceman did? You have to see it to believe it!