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Fireman’s carry

Iceman18 v Rey - Bodybuilder Battle 135

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Muscle, sweat, a towel as a weapon...it's gonna be a brutal day at the office! Both behemoths flex and compare their bulging biceps. "A little more bigger!" taunts Rey. The vet ignores the arrogant rookie admiring his tattoos, but it's all a ruse as he quickly wraps him up in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, "How you like that? Who's big?" The Colombian giant groans in pain and is slammed to the mat! Incredibly, he springs to his feet surprising Iceman18 with a full nelson of his own before LAUNCHING him across the mat, "You're strong, but I am fast! Come on!" An intense mercy challenge breaks out as the Colombian crumbles to his knees in agony! "There you go, perfect, right there!" coaches Iceman18 as he wraps his quads of steel around Rey in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors taking him down to the mat. With his scissors still locked in, the vet delivers a barrage of brutal gut punches as the Colombian gasps for air barely able to stand. "Surprised I'm so big and strong?" flexes Iceman18 with a beefy double bicep. "American guy not more strong than Latin guy!" flexes Rey. A massive COLLISION leads to the vet overpowering the rookie, mounting his thick chest, and pinning his pythons down with his knees, "You think your more strong? Pick me up more strong!" The South American muscle giant is powerless to move as Iceman18 folds his legs over to his skull; he taps out from the excruciating pain! Rey tries to get up barely on all fours before the vet straddles his ribs SQUEEZING him with his rock-solid quads! "Feel those ribs cracking? Give me that hair; down we go!" Iceman18 yanks his hair falling back with his body scissors locked in tight as he screams in agony, "You are so strong, but I like it! It's my turn!" Rey escapes the torture battling back with a tight full nelson and brutal belly to belly bearhug SHAKING the vet up and down."Ahh my back!" Iceman18 crumbles to the mat as the Colombian mounts his abs choking him with his meathook hands and stretches out his legs, "Feel the pressure of Latin boy!" "I'm gonna kill you Latin boy!" Back on their feet, another grueling mercy challenge has Iceman18 playing dirty delivering a vicious football kick to the gut! The 215 pounder is doubled over gasping for air as the vet lifts him in an UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug before tossing him to the mat. "You're slipping and sliding Latin boy! Stay right there!" Iceman18 returns with a towel and begins WHIPPING the Colombian and drying him off as he cries out in pain, "No, please!" The dominant American tries his upside down bearhug again, but there's still too much sweat sending him into a rage! "See how shiny that is? Disgusting, clean that off!" Iceman18 UNLEASHES a world of hurt on the South American giant: crushing head scissors, massive fireman's carry, tight full nelson, pec claw! Rey's beefy muscles are in agony as the vet continues whipping and even choking him with the towel! With his victim barely moving, Iceman18 sits him up and uses his his powerful legs to full nelson the Colombian! "It's a lot of pain!" screams Rey unable to break the tortuous hold. "You are disgusting!" The back and forth INTENSE battle heats up as both behemoths slip and slide from their pouring sweat: brutal Boston crab, gut punches, crippling camel clutch, hammerlock, chokelift, stomps to the abs, a dirty trick! "I'm so tired!" One muscle hunk can barely continue as he's hoisted up in a DEVASTATING torture rack, "Please my back!" His cries for mercy fall on deaf ears as the beating continues leading to a breathtaking finish!