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Iceman18 vs. Arkansas - In Your House 02

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

An injured Iceman18 is flexing on the mat when he is caught off guard by a fresh faced Arkansas looking to audition for Thunders Arena. A hesitant Iceman18 is pressured into doing the match. After the initial tie up, it is apparent that Arkansas has some wrestling experience and begins to work over the injured muscle stud. Using a wide range of moves including a bow and arrow, DEEP abdominal stretches, full nelsons, and a boston crab, Arkansas looks to make easy work of Iceman18. However, that all changes when the larger, more muscular Iceman18 clamps in a VERY TIGHT bearhug and changes the course of the match. Using bearhugs, backbreakers, and a VICIOUS dragon sleeper he manages to choke out the new guy. When Iceman18 returns, he tells the new recruit Arkansas that he will not give him a good recommendation to Mr. Mike because he is not impressed. After Iceman18 throws a few insults at Arkansas, the new guy Arkansas gets enraged and hits him with a NASTY slap across the face. Will the match turn and Arkansas manage to impress the Thunders Arena veteran Iceman18 enough to get a good recommendation? A devastating finisher from one wrestler gives you a definite answer.