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Iceman18 vs Ashton89 - No Hold Barred 192

$ 34.75

Ashton89 is hyping himself up in the bathroom mirror when a large pair of muscular hands reach into the shot and pull him away by his neck! Thrown down the hallway, Ashton89 pleads to his attacker to stop. A foot firmly plants down on the groin of Ashton89 who pleads until his attacker viciously kicks him in his abs. Ashton89's only resort is to low blow his attacker in a solid punch. As the camera pans over to a bent over man, he looks up revealing himself as Iceman18. The hunt is then on as Iceman walks down Ashton89 who has retreated into the mat room. Iceman18's first words are "Not having that shit again" as he grabs a tight handful of a dirty trick and throws his victim down to the mat. He then casually explains he is going to use Ashton89 for his workout today. He begins with chest flies, grabbing Ashton89's face and slamming it into his sculpted abs numerous times. He then tortures Ashton further grabbing him with another dirty move before moving to the next chest exercise..humiliating pushups on Ashton's face. A brutal bearhug adds insult to injury before moving to tricep exercises, which include more dirty tricks and painful punches. Iceman's cruel workout continues as he uses Ashton's body as a weight moving through each muscle, making sure his movements inflict as much pain on his opponent as possible (mainly through dirty tricks and low blows). The domination gets more and more intense throughout the match, as Iceman takes it further and further. Particularly, a scene that offers a POV view of a face-first headscissors that offers the views and muffled yells of Ashton. A clever Ashton89 finds a sliver of hope when Iceman is flexing and he catches him off guard in a TIGHT sleeper hold, using a dirty move of his own to bring the massive bodybuilder down to his knees. The hope soon fades as Iceman breaks out and is now REALLY PISSED OFF. He slams Ashton before gripping his throat and raising him in a massive choke lift. The grueling workout continues with Iceman working each body part, while also working over each of Ashton's. Iceman looks to finish off Ashton with a big gorilla press before slamming Ashton's chest with his fist numerous times. It is apparent Iceman has his pump and is done with using Ashton as his human dumbbell. But how will he decide to end his workout?

This match also comes with a bonus outtake at the end of a behind the scenes blooper take that wasn't used in the match.