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body builder being pinned

Iceman18 vs Blayne - No Holds Barred 141

$ 31.25

"After I win a match, I love to flex for my fans!" Blayne flexes when he's interrupted by Iceman18, "You win matches looking like that?" "Hell yeah, look at these abs." The muscle beast is not impressed calling Blayne a small, hairy midget! Iceman18 flexes as Blayne sneaks up from behind jumping on his back for a sleeper, but the muscle giant easily drags him into a fireman's carry SHAKING him up and down. "You know what they say; everything that goes up goes down!" "No!" Blayne is FLIPPED onto his back writhing in pain as Iceman18 mounts his chest. The muscle stud groans under the weight admiring Iceman18's beefy legs. "Damn that's big! Let me touch it!" Blayne distracts the beast worshipping his thick quads then delivers a vicious dirty trick! A knee to the gut and blow to the back has Iceman18 falling to his knees. Blayne tries for a camel clutch, but Iceman18 falls backward CRUSHING him into the mat! "You're so heavy!" The beast retaliates with a dirty trick of his own, gut punches, and locks in a tight sleeper! "Let me just touch your muscles!" moans Blayne struggling to breathe. "Say please!" "Please Iceman!" The tormentor releases his hold allowing the muscle worship below his trunks, "Stay below the blue!" "Why?" "Because I said so!" Blayne gut punches Iceman18 picking him up in fireman's carry, "You know how tiny my shoulders are? This should cut right to your ribs!" Iceman18 groans in pain as he's SHAKEN up and down and dropped on his back! "Smile for your fans!" Blayne delivers a DOUBLE PEC CLAW, but the beast overpowers him delivering massive forearms and stomps to his abs! "Let's try this again, keep it below the blue!" "It's like I can rock climb with these muscles!" Iceman18 wraps his TREE TRUNK quads around Blayne in a standing head scissors then lifts him up in a fireman's carry. Blayne tricks the beast into flexing and worships his bicep. "I don't think so!" Iceman18 UNLEASHES on his victim: a chokelift, crippling camel clutch, and double pec claw! "I'm sorry!" "We're gonna keep going until you pass out!" Iceman18 lifts Blayne in another chokelift! His muscles begin to slump powerless to break away, and he goes to sleep! "Look at me, look at you! I remember you being better!" Blayne struggles to get up, and the battle is far from over: pec claws, gut punches, clothesline, sleepers, and loads of dirty tricks! The match becomes so intense, one wrestler begs to stop, but the punishment continues! A final finishing move so CRAZY, the loser pleads for something so they can "pass out a happy guy!" How does it end? You won't believe your eyes, and muscle worship fans you will not be disappointed!