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firemans carry thunders arena

Iceman18 vs Brazil - No Holds Barred 158

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

An argument over tattoos leads to an all out BRAWL in this battle of the big boys! "What kind of tattoo is that? Why do you have a samurai in Egypt? It's confusing!" mocks Iceman18. Brazil isn't intimidated and fires back criticizing the vet's tats, "So dark, no color. You look good in the face but the body no. Definitely need more work!" Both muscle beasts begin flexing and feeling out each other's meaty pecs, bulging biceps, and thick quads. "That's grass fed beef!" boasts Iceman18 as he surprises the rookie with a powerful full nelson carrying him around in the hold. "What's your problem? It hurts!" groans Brazil as he's launched face first to the mat. The vet flexes in victory, but it doesn't last long as the newbie retaliates with his own tight full nelson! Iceman18 recovers and distracts the naive rookie picking him up in a brutal belly to belly bearhug. "Stop it, stop it please!" The muscle beast gasps for air as Iceman18's powerful pythons DIG deep into his ribs, and he collapses to the mat. His pain isn't over as the vet wraps his quads of steel around Brazil in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors. "These big legs, get off of me!" The rookie is completely gassed and struggles to stand as he is taunted by his torturer, "My Egyptian samurai friend, you look good but can you use it?" Iceman18 challenges the newb to a test of strength: a mercy challenge. Their bulging biceps shake and strain under their viselike grips; when surprisingly, Brazil overpowers the vet taking him down all the way to his back! "How's that feel? Where's your big size?" Iceman18 is pissed and retaliates with a massive fireman's carry SHAKING the beast up and down as he screams in pain, "No bro, please my ribs!" His cries for mercy fall on deaf ears as he's slammed to the mat clutching his damaged midsection. Back on their feet, both muscle beasts exchange ARM-BREAKING arm locks and brutal forearm blows trying to chip away at each other's chiseled backs! Iceman18 breaks away first, wrapping his bulging bicep around Brazil's throat in a sleeper. "I can't breathe! Let me go!" pleads the rookie as he desperately claws at the vet's head and arms to escape his impending doom. The devious Iceman18 however has other plans and let's him go dropping him face first to the mat! Brazil recovers and wants revenge, "You think you're big huh?" The vet flexes his thick beefy frame, "I know I'm big!" "You're fat; you're not big!" An angry rookie delivers a crushing headlock while flexing in his face, "That's muscle b****!" Brazil gets payback with a sleeper of his own but also lets his victim go before passing out. The back and forth BRUTAL battle heats up: body scissors, crippling camel clutch, a guillotine choke! A vicious kick to the abs totally knocks the wind out of Iceman18 as he crumbles to the mat, "We're cheating now?" Brazil flexes over the fallen vet, "That's how you do it! I'm the king here! You understand?" Things are about to get much, much worse: a crushing head scissors, grueling back breaker, arm bar, dirty tricks, a triangle choke! A match this INTENSE has one wrestler screaming, "You almost killed me!"