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Iceman18 vs Bronze Bullet - Bodybuilder Battle 180

$ 31.25

Smack talk and flexing off leads to intense action between Iceman and new guy Bronze Bullet. Iceman is known as a talker around Thunders but Bronze Bullet proves to be one of the few guys that can keep up with the insults and innuendos. The action is intense right off the jump with Iceman controlling the rookie with power moves and scissors using his massively built quads. The taller Bronze Bullet uses his leverage to counter Iceman's strength pinning him to the mat and using smashing gut punches. Once Iceman is able to fight his way off the mat and to his feet, he uses his power to lift and carry Bronze Bullet before throwing him down and locking in a tight boston crab. Snatching him off the mat, Iceman lifts his opponent into a brutal choke lift before tossing him away like garbage! When Iceman comes in for another choke lift, Bronze Bullet quickly drops and delivers a VICIOUS LOW BLOW! The rookie then locks in a figure four slowing choking the life out of the bodybuilder Iceman. He continues working over his groggy opponent stretching him out, but when he goes to lift him off the mat Iceman counters! He locks Bronze Bullet's head between his thighs and squeezes over and over. However, before he passes out Bronze Bullet pulls a dirty move and headbutts up right into Iceman's balls! He jumps into the bodybuilder and locks in a chest to chest bearhug. Iceman fights back with one of his own. The back and forth pushes both wrestlers to their limits! The fight continues leading up to an epic POWER MOVE FINISH leaving one man knocked out on the mat and the other flexing his pumped up muscles for the camera.


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