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Iceman18 ins Chance to the mat at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Iceman18 vs Chance - Mat Rats 115

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Fans of bearhugs and gut punches, get ready for an intense fight to the finish! Iceman18 flexes as new rookie Chance watches unimpressed, "Do you even break 200lbs kid? Look at you. Those little arms, I bet those things aren't even 18's." "You say something? You must be new. It's probably why I don't care." Chance surprises Iceman18 with a quick full nelson then lets him go. "That was cute!" The vet returns the favor, but the muscle hunk feels nothing. He transitions to a rear bearhug, but the cocky Chance mocks his weak attempt, "You can't even lift me up." Iceman18 groans, "That fat gut, it's a lot to lift up!" "240lbs all man, I'm standing on my toes trying to make you feel good about yourself!" The battle continues with both muscle titans exchanging DOUBLE PEC CLAWS and back and forth bearhugs. Chance is starting to wear down; when out of nowhere, he locks in a standing GUILLOTINE CHOKE, "Who's your daddy now? Let's see you break out of this!" The vet struggles under the viselike grip but manages to escape clutching his aching head. Iceman18 retaliates taking the big man down and lays across his thick back pinning him to the mat. Chance shows incredible power and starts doing push-ups with the vet on his back! Both gladiators get back to their feet, and the bearhugs continue as they SQUEEZE harder and harder trying to crush each other's ribs! With the muscle giant weakened, Iceman18 takes him down again mounting his chest. "How does that feel? Fight all you want!" Chance is powerless to break away as the vet UNLEASHES clawing and chopping his beefy pecs! The muscle hunk screams in agony as his chest turns red from the beating! He struggles to his feet and is caught in Iceman18's tight lifted front bearhug, "See that wall right there! You like that wall?" Chance pleads for mercy, "no, no!" as he's LAUNCHED back first into the wall sending him crashing to the mat. The heavyweight can barely catch his breath before he's trapped in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors! Chance is struggling but finally is able to slide out to escape. Both muscle giants take the fight down on the mat: gut punches, pec claws; their hulking muscles pour with sweat as they roll around trying for a pin! A DEVASTATING ankle lock has Chance howling in pain; his ankle twisted so hard it looks ready to break at any moment! "Now we're gonna stand you up!" Iceman18 wraps his meathook hands around Chance's throat forcing him to his feet and SLAMS him into the wall, "Go to sleep!" The muscle beast struggles to stay conscious but amazingly breaks away delivering blow after blow to Iceman18's chiseled back sending him down to the mat where he's met with a vicious ELBOW DROP! Iceman18 groans in agony but fights back with a snapmare takedown and ARM-BREAKING arm bar! Chance can barely move, but don't worry, this back and forth battle is far from over: gut punches, bearhugs, scissor/sleeper combo, PILEDRIVER, and CRIPPLER CROSSFACE! The devious winner isn't just happy with a tap out, "I'm going until you pass out from the pain!