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Iceman18 vs DK - Mat Wars 125

$ 25.00
$ 31.25

It's MMA vs Wrestler in a BRUTAL battle of tapouts and takedowns! Iceman18 flexes waiting impatiently for his next victim, "I heard they got this MMA punk. You can't see him cuz he's got cauliflower ear. I don't know where he's at?" The vet is distracted as a 222lbs submission machine walks up behind him flexing his powerful pythons, introducing DK! "You got that doctor's note?" taunts Iceman18. "I'm good to compete!" The muscle beast pushes the vet away then FLIPS him over onto the mat, "Get up! All that flexing for no reason!" DK charges in with another brutal takedown CRUSHING his abs with his knee, chops his beefy pecs, and rolls him over for a sleeper, "Tap out!" Iceman18 refuses gasping for air until the hold is released, "You got hairy monkey arms!" The vet tries an attack but is picked up in a tight rear bearhug and slammed to the mat as DK goes for a crossbody armbar! Iceman18 groans in pain barely escaping, "MMA huh?" "Pro-wrestling? All they do is flex!" DK mounts the wrestler WRENCHING his arm in a hammerlock, but Iceman18 rolls out and bearhugs the beast to his chest on the mat. "Let go!" The beefy brawler begins to do push ups SQUASHING the vet over and over until the bearhug is released! With his victim winded on the mat, MMA clamps on a brutal ankle lock, "Tap!" The vet is agony unable to handle the excruciating pain and taps out! "Come on pro-wrestler! You need a second?" mocks DK. A back and forth battle for domination continues: crushing bearhugs, a fireman's carry, crippling camel clutch, and some of the HARDEST takedowns we have ever filmed! Their thick, beefy muscles pour with sweat from intensity! "My ankle's hurting; you're messing up my hair! You think you're the tough strong guy?" Iceman18 challenges MMA to a mercy challenge; their bulging biceps strain from the immense pressure as they take each other back and forth to their knees! The vet is first to break away SLAMMING the big boy to his back rattling his brain. DK struggles to his feet and is picked up in a massive belly to belly bearhug; his hulking arms pinned down to his sides! "Come on MMA, ready for round 2?" A second mercy challenge has both titans completely gassed from the struggle. Iceman18 clubs the behemoth down and locks in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors yanking his hair! "Say cheese! How's that cauliflower ear?" DK is in agony begging for mercy, "Let go! I'll get the cauliflower ear fixed just let go!" The rookie is freed, retaliates with a bearhug takedown, and locks in a modified STF, "Tap out!" Iceman18's face is pure torture, but he doesn't give up. These behemoths are about to tear each other apart limb by limb: gut punches, chokelift, chest chops, titty twisters, leg drop, body scissors, torture rack, a DEVASTATING dragon sleeper! The final moments will leave you in complete shock as the tap outs or takedowns get harder and harder! Who will be left standing: MMA or Wrestler?