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Iceman18 vs Dolf - Mat Rats 143

$ 25.95

Dolf and Iceman18 are on the mat discussing just how massive their legs are, but when Dolf reaches over to try and touch Iceman he grabs him and rips his arm behind his back! No talking and all action Dolf reverses and Iceman yells out in pain. Both bodybuilders fight to gain the leverage over the other pulling and stretching their arms and shoulders to the breaking point! The back and forth muscle showdown ends when Iceman decides to sweep out Dolf's legs and he hits the mat. He quickly gets up and grabs Iceman from behind lifting the 230 pound muscle stud in the air! He then rolls him over and stretches his legs out torturing him. Iceman struggles to eventually break free. Iceman uses his power and a couple dirty moves, like poking Dolf in the eye, to gain an advantage. Dolf counters with his agility to get out of Iceman's aggressive holds. Iceman holds the pace of the match using his giant legs to squeeze Dolf. Dolf decides he will not be out-muscled by Iceman and decides to stand up and go hit for hit with him. Using gut punches and knees to the abs both men go at! The action gets more intense and the sweat begins to pour when Iceman starts to get cocky and Dolf isn't having that. Both men stand up to each other equally over the course of the match using tight submission holds and brutal sleepers. Which bodybuilder can hold out longer?