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Iceman18 vs Dom9 - No Holds Barred 179

$ 25.95

An argument on the couch turns into an all-out war as the blond beast rises to his feet, "Stop being a b**** and take care of the mat! I'm gonna kick your a** if you don't!" "Whoa, whoa, calm down! Mr. Mike told you to clean the mat, so why you telling me to clean the mat?" "Cuz I'm gonna kick your ass if you don't!" "I don't think that's gonna happen!" Pissed off, Iceman18 begins pressing the burly beast into the couch pinning him down. "Get the f**k off me! Go clean the fucking mat!" Taking their shirts off, the blonde behemoth lifts Dom9 in a massive fireman's carry smacking his beefy glutes. "How about this; put me down. I'll go clean the mat!" Iceman18 slams the beast to the couch as he's pinned upside down. "You got some abs there!" admires Dom9 before smacking him in the balls dropping him to his knees. "Is that how you wanna do this?" Taking off his sweats, Iceman18 pounces straddling the burly beast face first on the couch then drags him off the couch in a quick full nelson and dirty trick. "Give you head start! You're cleaning it for us!" shoves the behemoth. "How about we both get on the f**king mat? We're in f**king trunks, might as well wrestle now!" "You wanna wrestle?" The titans claw each other's beefy pecs and clamp-on dirty tricks inching closer to the backyard. Iceman18 lifts the 190 pounder carrying him into the backyard as both titans squeeze each other's thick muscles fighting for control. "I don't think so!" threatens the blonde behemoth slamming Dom Knight to his back folding his leg over worshipping his rock-hard muscle, "You know you're supposed to clean it!" Powering out, Dom9 locks up with the vet on his knees forcing him to his back and mounts his abs STRETCHING out his legs as they worship each other's massive pecs and biceps. "Clean the mat!" "I don't think so!" Rolling the beast over, Iceman18 mounts his abs as Dom9 claws his beefy glutes trying to turn him over. "I don't think so, I'm staying on top!" Straining, the 220 pounder is pushed away as Dom9 clamps on a dirty trick sending him rolling across the mat. Full of rage, Iceman18 sweeps out the beast's leg and rolls him on top of him in a grueling sleeper worshipping his rock-hard pecs and abs as he fights to break free. Barely escaping, Dom9 is face-first on the mat caught in RIB-CRACKING body scissors; his red trunks pulled straight up his beefy backside as Iceman18 smacks and squeezes his glutes. "It's f**king wet!" groans Dom9 struggling to break free as he's dragged face-first to the pile of water. "That's right! Is that why you don't wanna clean it?" taunts Iceman18 trying to shove his victim's face into the water clawing his beefy glutes to keep him in control. A surge of strength has Dom9 breaking free shoving the behemoth on his face mounting his chiseled back, "look at it!" Breaking out, Iceman18 is first to his feet lifting the beast in a quick full nelson then drags him to his knees ; his bicep wrapped tight around his throat. "Big arm, it's f**king choking me!" gasps Dom9 clawing his captor's bulging bicep to escape. "Yeah, you like it? It's almost too big huh?" taunts the muscle hunk driving Dom9's face into the mat; his meathook hands running all over the beast before locking him in a crushing standing head scissors. "I can't f**king hear!" groans Dom9 incredibly lifting the 220 pounder on his shoulders. "You want that wet spot? Stick your f**king face in it!" dropping the behemoth down shoving him into the wall. Grunting and groaning, the muscle worship heats up as both titans explore each other's beefy muscles. "What are you doing?" yells Iceman18 bearhugging the burly beast to his changing places on the wall. Iceman18 winds up and drills his shredded abs with brutal gut-punches controlling him with dirty tricks if he tries to move! Screams of pain echo through the trees as Iceman18 drives his knee straight between his legs pinning him to the wall as the muscle worship continues. Dom9 pushes the blonde beast away as he's lifted in a massive fireman's carry; his glutes smacked over and over as Dom9 grabs a handful of his yellow trunks. "Alright, I'll f**king clean it! Put me down!" Dropping the beast down, his arm is wrenched back in a brutal hammerlock running his hand down his chiseled abs getting up close and personal. "What are you doing? I told you to clean that! Now get to it!" orders Iceman18 breaking away. A reluctant Dom9 returns with a towel drying the mat. Bent over; his trunks struggling to contain his beefy glutes, Iceman18 wraps him in a guillotine choke as the angry beast grabs two handfuls of his glutes lifting him in a shoulder carry smacking and clawing his backside, "Why don't you f**king clean it!" "You better put me back down!" threatens the blonde behemoth. "I'll lay you down in the f**king wet spot!" The master of pain drops his victim forcing him to clean pushing him down holding him in place by glutes. Angry, Iceman18 escapes tackling the beast to his back worshipping his burly body then locks in a standing head scissors forcing him back down. Dom9 grabs the soaking wet towel whips his prey as Iceman18 straddles his ribs squeezing him with his quads of steel smacking and clawing his beefy behind, "You're nice and red; you ok? Thinks it's so red from me kicking your a**!" The master of pain wraps the towel around his throat dragging him face-first into the wet pile, "Clean the f**king mat!" A battle for the towel begins; both titans using it hurt each other. Dom9 wraps the giant up and FLIPS him head over heels squeezing him tight to his back. Winded on the mat, the muscle men worship each other's juicy muscles whipping and choking each other with the towel. "I'll stop if you ask me you know!" taunts Iceman18 choking the behemoth with the towel as he crumbles to his knees. "I can't f**king breathe!" Nearly passing out, Dom9 clamps on a vicious dirty trick as the blonde beast's eyes grow large collapsing to his knees. Suffering the same fate, the dirty tricks go back and forth squeezing each other harder and harder screaming in agony. DOUBLE DIRTY TRICKS have both muscle hunks collapsing to their back completely gassed still worshipping each other rock-hard chests and abs. First to his knees, Iceman18 is wrapped in a crushing body scissors but the behemoth picks him up slamming his back over and over on the ground. Desperate, the master of pain smothers his face against his beefy pec pinning him down as the intense muscle worship heats up. "You gonna finally clean the f**king mat?" asks Dom9. Grabbing the towel, Iceman18 throws it in his face distracting the beast and drags him down in tight sleeper delivering a sit down piledriver. Upside down, the burly beast groans in pain still wedged between his quads of steel. "There you go; you gonna give up!" Straining, Dom Knight escapes but is trapped in a body scissors as both worship each other; the camera zoomed in tight catching all the right angles. Dom9 mounts his abs as things get hot and heavy. "No, no!" pleads Iceman18 as the master of pain straddles his face on his knees smothering his face in his trunks gasping for air. The behemoth bends him over as belly to belly, the muscle hunks lock in a double head scissors breaking away to smother their victim with their trunks wedged deep between their quads rolling each other over and over. Completely winded, the hunks crash into the wall. "You made a bigger mess!" groans Iceman18. "I said clean the f**king mat. It's not that hard!" yells Dom9. A fight to the finish leads to a mouth-watering knockout!