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Iceman18 VS Duke - No Holds Barred 125

Iceman18 VS Duke - No Holds Barred 125

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Iceman18 is back and bigger than ever!! Duke walks in as Iceman18 is on the couch flexing his bulging biceps for the camera. Iceman18 doesn't know who Duke is and doesn't care, calling him a "ghost." Duke doesn't like the disrespect and calls him a "wanna be me." Iceman18 is not impressed and calls himself the "2.0" meaning he's TWO TIMES BETTER than Duke. Both end their trash talking and lock up. Iceman18 bearhugs Duke throwing him on the couch! The two decide to take their match to the garage, and the battle is on! 
Iceman18 picks up Duke in another front bearhug and throws him to the mat. He locks Duke in a side headlock then puts him in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissor. Iceman18 rips off Duke's shorts and puts him in a VICIOUS camel clutch! He then takes off his own tank top revealing his new and improved muscular physique. Iceman18 is JACKED!! He locks in another front bearhug then goes for a tight schoolboy pin. Iceman18 straddles his opponent pinning him to the mat but is taken down by Duke's ball claw! Iceman18 returns the favor and does another standing head scissor pulling off Duke's shirt. Duke gets a take down then starts punching Iceman18's abs and ball claws him again! Iceman18 recovers and picks up Duke in a reverse bearhug. More ball claws, ab punches, and clubs to Duke's back. Iceman18 then does a sit down Boston crab and lays across Duke crushing him under his weight!! Duke recovers and starts clubbing Iceman18's abs with his forearms. This match is VERY back and forth!! Iceman18 bearhugs Duke on the ground and clubs him back. He straddles Duke's chest as Duke muscle worships Iceman18's thick chest and arms. He bearhugs Duke again DEMANDING he feel his chest and shoulders. Both wrestlers try to take each other down in ball claws. The match ends with one wrestler being put to sleep in a standing head scissors, woken up, then KNOCKED OUT with a running ball sack to the face!! You've got to see it to believe it and find out who comes out on top?