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Iceman18 vs Finn McCool - Mat Wars 128

Iceman18 vs Finn McCool - Mat Wars 128

$ 25.95

"Something you wanna tell me?" A confused Iceman18 digs through Finn McCool's bag looking for pre-workout and finds a familiar object, "My girl has this exact same watch. This isn't yours?" The Irish stud's mind quickly races making up an excuse, "Someone put it in my bag!" Unsatisfied, the muscle beast presses Finn for more information, as the suspicious story starts to come out. "You went out with my girl in Vermont with her watch?" "Yeah, she went shopping with me." PISSED OFF, Iceman18 wraps his meathook hands around Finn's throat choking him into the wall and knees him in the ribs as he crumbles to the floor. "It was a good time. She talked about you!" gasps the Irish stud as the furious beast digs his knee in his chiseled abs choking him again, "Let's go to the mat, you piece of s**t!" Iceman18 PUSHES his victim harder and harder through the house finally launching him face first to the mat! "I thought we were friends!" The blonde behemoth wraps his bulging bicep around the stud's throat in a sleeper as he gasps for air, "We are friends!" His torture continues as the beefy bodybuilder mounts his victim's chest pinning his biceps down with his knees and tries BREAKING his fingers apart! Screams of agony fill the arena until Iceman18 lets go dragging his helpless victim to his feet squeezing him tight to his beefy chest, "I want to know more about the shopping!" Finn continues his story as the muscle beast transitions to a GUILLOTINE CHOKE parading him around. "I still think we're buds after all this!" groans the Irish hunk. "We're not buds!" Iceman18 slams him face first into the mat and pulls out a chair demanding the full story. The bad cop interview begins as the behemoth hammerlocks his arms behind the chair with one arm and CHOPS his beefy chest harder and harder! Finn howls in pain as his beefy pecs turn bright red from the brutal beating. "You seem like you were having a great time with my girlfriend!" A massive LOW BLOW sends Iceman18 crumbling to the mat as the cryptic truth starts to emerge, "It was great, just one time!" Furious with the unknown, the beast unleashes his power: belly to belly bearhug, sleeper, back-breaking camel clutch, a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors using his tree trunk quads. "Did you f*** my girlfriend?" Finn is in agony struggling to stay conscious as the blood rushes from his brain, "Nothing bad happened!" Down on the mat, Iceman18 STRETCHES his shady victim's legs apart and tries choking him out with both hands! In desperation, Finn kicks the muscle beast away and wraps him up in a sleeper, "I didn't sleep with your girlfriend bro. Calm down; we're boys!" The behemoth breaks away with a sleeper of his own still in disbelief, "Why are you lying to me?" Bad cop becomes even BADDER cop as this brutal battle/interrogation rages on: neck-breaking full nelsons, bearhugs, camel clutch, banana split, ab and chest chops, a torture rack! Will the truth finally come out, or will Finn escape with his secret? One thing's for sure: ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!