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Iceman18 vs Gohan - Bodybuilder Battle 184

$ 31.25

Iceman18 steps on the mat at a massive 6'1" 235 pounds of pure muscle and sizes up the new guy Gohan who is only a puny 5'6" and 155 pounds.

Iceman warms up with lifting his little opponent over his shoulders and tortures him before smashing him into the mat. He then bearhugs Gohan before tossing him away nearly tipping over the couch as a landing pad. Iceman knows this is going to be easy work for him and intimidates his opponent standing over him and flexing his bulging muscles. Gohan takes advantage and uses a low blow thinking this will be the only way to take Iceman down! But Iceman retaliates even harder using a power move and adding in a nasty dirty move of his own! Gohan is being beat down from the start. Bearhugs, backbreakers, gut punches, tests of strength nearly snapping Gohan's wrists, schoolboy pins, MASSIVE choke lifts, and BRUTAL torture racks destroy the chiseled body of Gohan.

Gohan shows he has fight using dirty moves and some technical skill to throw some counters at the massive bodybuilder, Iceman. However, Iceman shows no mercy at all in taking it to Gohan. Like a cat playing with a near dead mouse, Iceman tosses Gohan around while he helplessly pleads for mercy. At the end of the day, Iceman has no sympathy for his little victim and welcomes the new guy to the show's main attraction.


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