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Iceman18 vs Hawk - Bodybuilder Battle 187

$ 25.95

Iceman SHOVES Hawk's face into his massive biceps! He flexes squeezing Hawk's face and neck with the peaks of his defined arms. Hawk submits enjoying the feeling of being encased in Iceman's muscles. Iceman wants Hawk to fight back and stop being a bitch! He throws 240 lbs Hawk over his shoulders flexing while slapping his ass! Hawk falls from Iceman's shoulders and Iceman gets on top schoolboy pinning him. Iceman is all about dominating and humiliating his submissive toy Hawk. Iceman does pushups with his balls hitting Hawk's face over and over before wrapping his quads around Hawk's neck SQUEEZING with no mercy! Hawk begs for Iceman to let him go. Iceman has no pity and squeezes even harder. Hawk breaks free and tosses Iceman across the mat! Iceman lands on his back vulnerable for Hawk's payback! Hawk sits on Iceman's face returning the humiliation he just felt! A struggle back and forth begins between the two bodybuilders. Hawk takes every chance to feel and worship every inch of Iceman's body. Hawk wants to keep worshipping Iceman's muscles, but Iceman is ready to wrestle. Iceman uses Bearhugs, Full Nelsons, Rear Sleepers, and a Camel Clutch to submit Hawk. Will Hawk submit to Iceman's domination? 

Iceman's domination continues as Hawk realizes the torture is not going to stop! Iceman flexes for the camera as he locks in hold after hold on Hawk. Hawk cannot stand not being able to touch every muscle on Iceman and that is his reason to fight back! He uses his power to fight out and throw Iceman to the mat and worship Iceman's body. Iceman gives in. Hawk enjoys running his hands over every peak and valley on Iceman's sculpted physique. Hawk tells Iceman how incredible his muscles are as he gropes every inch. When Hawk takes it too far, Iceman PUNISHES him! Will Hawk submit to being Iceman's bitch AGAIN?! A BRUTAL trade of gut punches leads to one bodybuilder being choked and tortured until they pass out from pain!