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iceman putting njustice in a head lock

Iceman18 vs NJustice - Mat Rats 114

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

NJustice is back ready to compete when he finds Iceman18 flexing on "his" mat. "It's been a long time since I have been here, but that doesn't mean that scumbags like you can come in to my territory!" Iceman18 isn't intimidated as NJustice shows interest in his tattoos, but it's all a ruse as he delivers a vicious knee to the gut doubling him over in pain. He SLAMS Iceman18 into the wall with a two-handed choke, gut punches his abs, and locks in a powerful camel clutch, "I'll break your back; make you humble!" Iceman18 struggles to his feet delivering a massive belly to back bearhug. "That hurts!" NJustice gasps for air as Iceman18 transitions to a double pec claw so tight the old vet is taken down to his knees and right into a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors. "You give?" "I can't hear!" screams NJustice as he refuses to submit and shoulder barges his abs. "You like messing with people's ears huh!" A bell clap to the head leaves Iceman18 disoriented and wide open for more punishment: a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN, sleeper hold, and vicious uppercut! These muscle hunks ain't messing around exchanging back and forth chest chops and pec claws as their beefy chests turn red from all the damage! The devious NJustice decides to play dirty. A rake to the eyes, brutal low blow, and punch to the head leave Iceman18 barely able to stand! NJustice SQUEEZES the defenseless muscle stud in a tight rear bearhug then picks him up across his chest parading him around the mat. "Put me down!" "Nice and easy or rough like?" He drops his victim into an over the knee BACK BREAKER as he screams in pain! "How's that for nice and easy!" With Iceman18 down, NJustice tries to finish him off with a brutal titty twister then goes for a pin, "One, two, thr..." The muscle hunk barely escapes sending NJustice into a rage as he tries choking him out with a leg scissors and attempts to break his fingers! Iceman18 has had it with the dirty tricks and rolls NJustice over in a REAR NAKED CHOKE! The old vet struggles under the viselike grip; his muscles begins to slump as he passes out. Iceman18 is just getting started waking his victim up with massive chops to the chest and a BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhug. NJustice collapses to the mat as Iceman18 goes for a quick schoolboy pin. "You're never gonna pin me!" Challenge accepted as both muscle hunks roll around the mat feverishly trying to pin each other.
"I'm not done with that back just yet!" Iceman18 delivers a CRIPPLING camel clutch then transitions to a scissors/double pec claw combo! NJustice's face is pure torture begging for the punishment to stop until the hold is released. The muscle hunk laughs at his victim's pain comparing him to Santa Clause with his "cute little red diaper." NJustice snaps and locks Iceman18 in a devastating GUILLOTINE CHOKE, "You shake my hand, admit defeat that I'm the best, and then I might let you go!" "Never!" The back and forth battle turns BRUTAL: a Boston crab, atomic wedgie, low blows, a PILEDRIVER! These muscle beasts are out to destroy each other limb by limb: knees to the face and broken fingers! Who will be left standing?