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Iceman18 vs Iron - Bodybuilder Battle 173

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Iceman18 is on the mat getting ready for his match but the rookie Iron comes in HOT! He aggressively bumps chests with Iceman and starts some smack talk. When Iceman has had enough he picks Iron up and bearhugs him until he thinks he has had enough. He tortures his opponent repeatedly picking him up and squeezing the air out of him. Iron is not going to back down that easy. He jumps on Iceman as soon as he gets a chance and locks in a deep rear sleeper hold. Iron gains some confidence and locks Iceman up in a side headlock until Iceman turns the tables lifting the bodybuilder straight up over his shoulders before slamming him down. He then proceeds to stretch him out in every way possible showing Iron's chiseled abs off to the camera. Iron feels outmatched and resorts to dirty moves. He throws a hard punch between Iceman's legs in a brutal low blow. He then moves to spreading Iceman's legs open and shoving his foot straight into his groin. With Iceman hurt, Iron takes over the match using his legs to try and submit his opponent. With the playing field now even, the two bodybuilders go back and forth using a full arsenal of moves including gut punches, ab stretches, and sleeper holds until one man is left tapping out and the other flexing over his helpless victim.