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Iceman18 vs Jaguar - No Holds Barred 189

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Gut punch fans get ready for HARD-HITTING action; it's MMA fighter vs wrestler in a battle of the strongest abs! Iceman18 flexes while a silent Jaguar secretly stalks his prey and strikes with quick jabs to Iceman18's abs. "You didn't see this coming!" taunts Jaguar. "This is a wrestling house; take your MMA trash out!" threatens Iceman18 shoving the cocky rookie into the wall. An intense gut punch battle has both wrestlers POUNDING each other's abs harder and harder struggling for air and fighting for control. Iceman18 charges in with a fireman's carry, but Jaguar breaks away lifting the 220lbs Iceman18 on his shoulder and SLAMS him into the pillar! "Tired big boy?" mocks the MMA fighter with quick jabs to Iceman18's abs and kicks to the quads. Groaning in pain, Iceman18 is lifted in front and rear bearhugs SHAKEN around as both wrestlers battle with sharp knees to the ribs and gut punches. The match heads to the living room with Iceman18 tossing Jaguar onto the couch for a CRUSHING bodysplash! A steamy struggle has both wrestlers yanking off each other's singlets and falling to the ground. Jaguar pounces trying to break Iceman18 apart with BRUTAL arm-bars, but Iceman18 escapes with a vicious ball claw! Things get down and dirty as gut punches, dirty tricks, and a tight sleeper has Jaguar forced to the mat under Iceman18's control. His eyes rolling back in his head, Jaguar crumbles to the ground passing out as Iceman18's rock-hard bicep SQUEEZES the air from Jaguar's lungs. Wanting more pain, Iceman18 wakes his victim up with a forearm smash to the back and wraps his quads of steel around Jaguar in a RIB-CRACKING body scissors. Jaguar screams in agony barely escaping as the battle for the best abs continues. Dirty tricks, a two-handed choke, belly to belly bearhugs, vicious leg stretch, SKULL-SPLITTING face-first head scissors, and grueling gut punches have Jaguar and Iceman18 fighting for the win!