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Iceman18 vs Jake - Custom Video Series 112

Iceman18 vs Jake - Custom Video Series 112

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Hot action, muscle worship, and BEEFY BACKSIDES...the battle for the best ass is on the line! Iceman18 and Jake work out lifting weights arguing over who has the better body and ass. "That's real muscle right there!" flexes Jake as both wrestlers feel out each other's biceps. "You got some size, but I look better, especially my ass!" taunts Iceman18 showing off with squats. Jake says his ass is better and charges in with a surprise shoulder carry GORILLA PRESSING the 225lbs Iceman18 up and down before tossing him aside. Iceman18 retaliates with a fireman's carry squatting and BENDING Jake across his boulder shoulders as Jake groans in pain and is thrown to the mat. A steamy round of muscle worship has Jake and Iceman18 mounting each other's abs exploring their rock-hard muscle. Jake plays dirty STRETCHING out Iceman18's legs with his quads of steel then wraps Iceman18 in a crushing head scissors. The blood rushing from his brain, Iceman18 groans in pain and is let go as Jake climbs on top of Iceman18 for a little face-sitting. "SMOTHER his ass with all that muscle!" taunts Jake worshipping Iceman18 as he gasps for air. Iceman18 struggles to his feet and takes Jake down in a tight headlock before wrapping him in a powerful sleeper. Jake strains to escape crumbling to the mat and is pulled into a face-first SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors. "Is that enough muscle for you?" taunts Iceman18 squeezing his quads tighter and tighter. Jake screams in pain barely escaping as both wrestlers struggle to their feet from the intense battle. Dripping in sweat, Jake and Iceman18 have a flex off; the close-up camera sweeping up and down their rock-hard bodies. The battle for the best ass rages on with a crushing head scissors, tight sleepers, brutal Boston crab, reverse head scissors, smacks to the ass, and vicious ball claws. "You can't fight it; say my ass is better!" demands the winner.