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Iceman18 vs Jessie - No Holds Barred 209

Iceman18 vs Jessie - No Holds Barred 209

$ 31.25

Iceman and Eagle are bullying Jessie Lee in the mat room. Iceman decides to teach Jessie a lesson and smothers him in a chest to chest bearhug and literally carries him out of the room. WHERE THE HELL DID THEY GO? AND WHAT DID THEY DO? They eventually return back to the mat and Iceman completely devours the rookie Jessie. He lifts and carries him all around the mat and even throws in dirty moves to add pain to punishment. A BRUTAL repeated backbreaker stretches Jessie out over Iceman's knee before he is thrown away like garbage. Iceman keeps stretching and punishing his victim all while flexing for the fans. When Iceman gets a little handsy feeling on Jessie's body, Jessie throws a few counter attempts only to be outpowered by Iceman. There is an odd smile that comes across Jessie's face as he is pummeled into submission over and over. DOES HE ENJOY THE PAIN ICEMAN IS INFLICTING ON HIM? Iceman wipes the smug smile off Jessie's face with a vicious choke lift before slamming him over and over into the wall! Iceman slowly and methodically tears into his victim. He lifts him in a GIANT GORILLA PRESS before tossing Jessie away. He feels every inch of Jessie's sculpted body while mounting and crushing him repeatedly. He shows his dominance with a no holds barred schoolboy pin flexing over his opponent. Iceman begins to get more sinister with gut punches, bearhugs, head scissors, backbreakers, choke lifts, and dragon sleepers really showing the rookie why he is so respected in Thunders Arena. Does Jessie Lee even stand a chance? Or is this a textbook big vs little squash match?