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Iceman18 vs Joey McCoy - Custom Video Series 140

$ 31.50

Iceman18 is taking a nap on the couch when Joey McCoy walks in talking on the phone. While talking to his buddy, he is dared to tickle his feet! Joey is reluctant but agrees. He gets in a tickle or two until Iceman wakes up. When he tells him to knock it off and Joey keeps pushing it, Iceman jumps up and slams Joey on the mat. He stomps on his back in his rage while Joey moans in pain. Joey escapes and attempts to run off, but Iceman catches him in a chest to chest bearhug trying to break his ribs! Iceman continues his punishment in a back breaking camel clutch! Taking it EVEN FURTHER, he sticks his meaty fingers in Joey's mouth and fish hooks him repeatedly! After Joey collapses in pain, he lifts him up in a brutal torture rack. After he throws him down, Iceman flexes giving Joey enough time to recover and deliver a HARD LOW BLOW! Iceman becomes furious and launches at Joey McCoy lifting him in a front bearhug. Joey counters by chopping into Iceman's neck taking him down. He jumps into a boston crab and begins to tickle Iceman's feet! This makes Iceman angry as the humiliation mounts. Iceman breaks out and chases Joey around the house through different rooms and over couches until Joey eventually finds himself behind Iceman and locks in a sleeper hold. Iceman is caught and finally passes out after a fight. While Iceman is passed out, Joey has an idea that he is going to tie Iceman up! He finds a rope and ties Iceman by his wrists and ankles before slapping him awake. He comes to only to find Joey ready to humiliate him further with tickling. Will Iceman break out of his ties and get revenge on Joey McCoy? Or will Joey have his fun with no consequences?