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Iceman18 vs Joey McCoy - Rough & Ready 141

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Big vs Little? Squash match? Beatdown? ASSAULT?!? Whatever you want to call this match is fine with us, but what happens here is a massacre of a small wrestler punching way above his weight class and getting a beating he will want to soon forget.

Iceman18 and Kuma are in the kitchen having a conversion, when Joey McCoy comes in and wants to be one of the boys. When Kuma tells Joey that he can't come hangout in the "Pro section", Joey decides to stand up for himself and pushes Iceman18. This triggers Iceman's short temper and he grabs the tiny Joey McCoy and repeatedly begins to slam him against every surface in the living room. Joey does not want to go down that easily and fights back when Iceman turns his back to continue his discussion with Kuma. However, another slam and a BRUTAL KNEE TO THE FACE paves the way for the aggressive Iceman to start to really show Joey McCoy what it is like when you make a professional bodybuilder angry. Carrying Joey from room to room, Iceman destroys the small wrestler with REPEATED BACKBREAKERS and vicious submission holds where Joey McCoy looks like he is literally going to snap in half! When Iceman decides it is time for the mat room, he walks Joey in like a wheelbarrow before tossing him halfway across the room onto the mats. The nasty beating continues with Iceman showing NO MERCY while breaking down Joey McCoy physically and mentally. The size difference between the wrestlers gives an amazing show of strength and power as Joey McCoy is tossed around like a cheap ragdoll, and literally stomped on while being overwhelmed by the sheer size of Iceman. Joey has no hope as he is lifted into the air above Iceman's head...pressed multiple times...and BODY SLAMMED into the mat lifeless. This match is not for the faint of heart.