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Iceman18 puts Kid Romeo into a choke at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Iceman18 vs KidRomeo - Mat Wars 127

$ 25.95

Big vs little fans, get ready for a battle so INTENSE filming had to stop! The match begins mid-action with Kid Romeo struggling to breathe; his chiseled frame chokelifted by Iceman18. Incredibly, the lightweight prise apart the torturous grip, climbs onto the muscle beast's shoulders MID-AIR, and locks in a head scissors dropping him face first to the mat! Winded from the attack, Iceman18 recovers and battles back lifting the small vet in a fireman's carry SHAKING him like a rag doll as he groans in pain. "Squeeze me; I'm gonna squeeze you!" threatens the behemoth as he slams his victim down and DIGS his foot deep into his ripped abs. Kid Romeo can barely catch his breath before he is hoisted up in an over-the-knee back breaker, and Iceman18 slaps and claws his perfect abs. "I can take it!" declares the lightweight. "You can take it? Ready?" The muscle beast jams his fingers between Kid Romeo's abs and rolls his hand forward BURYING his fist into his mid-section as he cries out crumbling to the mat! "Think you can still take it?" taunts Iceman18 grabbing Kid Romeo's legs folding him in half so tight; his neck looked ready to snap at any moment! "Stop! Stop! Stop!" REAL-LIFE screams halt the match in its tracks as filming totally stops! The camera resumes to find Kid Romeo clutching his aching neck as his brutal beating continues: a two-handed choke, massive fireman's carry, NECK-BREAKING full nelson. "Look at you; look at this!" boasts Iceman18 flexing his bulging biceps. The beast drags the motionless lightweight to his feet, "I'm gonna bearhug you; it's gonna hurt a lot! On three...one, three!" A RIB-CRACKING belly to back bearhug has the vet gasping for air crumbling to the mat. "You done? I don't think you're broken. Can you stand up?" Kid Romeo stumbles to his feet as the muscle beast tries ripping him apart limb by limb: a vicious arm bar, agonizing leg stretches, an UPSIDE DOWN belly to belly bearhug! Iceman18 drops the broken stud in another over-the-knee back breaker clawing his abs even harder, "You gonna give?" "Let me go, give, give!" screams Kid Romeo collapsing down. "So small, I can't even hold on to you. You're like sand falling through my finger tips!" The vet recovers as Iceman18 challenges him to a mercy competition; his one hand versus two of Kid Romeo's hands. "You're gonna regret it!" taunts the lightweight as the big man struggles to maintain control, until a kick to the abs sends Kid Romeo crashing down! Iceman18 stalks his fallen prey wrapping his quads of steel around him in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors, "Your head is not even the size of my thighs, one thigh!" Powerless to break free, Kid Romeo fades to black and passes out! 

The camera breaks away to earlier events that lead up to the brutal assault! "Alright big man, sign the contract, so we can make some money!" Kid Romeo finds Iceman18 in the living room getting his pump on doing push ups. "F*** the contract!" The beast continues as the persistent lightweight straddles him on the floor, "Sign b****!" Annoyed with the distraction, he signs, so the pest will leave. "Haha, you don't even know what you signed. I convinced the assistant to pay me your money for the match!" The devious vet scurries away with a PISSED OFF Iceman18 in hot pursuit, "You're gonna fix that paperwork! I'm not gonna let a little tiny man like you get in the way of what's mine!" Kid Romeo finds himself trapped on the mat but stands his ground, "You should have read it. It's my money b****!" What happens next is one of the most BRUTAL beatings you have ever seen! Will Kid Romeo be forced to change it back or escape with the last laugh?