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Iceman18 vs Kuma - Custom Video Series 153

$ 34.75

Iceman18 pulls Kuma's shirt over his head and shoves him to the mat! He sits on top of him and flexes his massive, defined muscles. Iceman stands over Kuma with his singlet pulled halfway down and exposes Kuma's weaknesses. He hammers him with stomps and pec claws, until Kuma uses his powerful legs to kick Iceman into the wall! Bouncing back and falling back onto Kuma, both men struggle for positioning. Iceman pulls up his singlet straps and now IT IS TIME FOR BUSINESS! Kuma doesn't entertain Iceman's antics and comes from behind with a low blow lifting Iceman off the mat! He then goes in for a TIGHT rear sleeper hold. Using his singlet as a weapon, Kuma pulls the straps over Iceman's bulging biceps and traps him! Now a helpless victim, Iceman is pummeled and rode around the mat by Kuma. Iceman eventually breaks free of his singlet, but has the damage been done? Kuma continues working him over with choke holds. After being completely stripped down, Iceman is now vulnerable to whatever Kuma wants. He chooses to humiliate the bodybuilder using dirty moves, wedgies, low blows, and even putting him in a basket! Who will take control and win this matchup of two of the biggest bodybuilders in Thunders Arena?