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Iceman18 vs Loki - Bodybuilder Battles 124

$ 31.25

Tree trunk quads and powerful pythons, it's a recipe for pleasure in this scissors/bearhug battle! "Look at this. You got earrings and an anklet; that's cute," mocks Iceman18. Loki is not intimidated flexing as the vet grabs his quads of steel, "So puffy looking, you're like a live Michelin Man. Do you actually do anything with those things, or is it all for show?" Loki is pissed, "Puffy? Want me to show you what they can do?" The muscle beast TACKLES Iceman18 and wraps his tree trunk quads around him in a massive body scissors. A power struggle erupts as both hunks tussle on the mat. The vet tries feverishly to escape as Loki changes positions flexing his quads tighter! "With your puffy legs and your fat body, now it hurts!" groans Iceman18. "Stay down!" Incredibly, the vet gets to his knees and picks up Loki again and again SLAMMING his back on the mat until the hold is released! The blonde muscle hunk stands to his feet and continues to slam Loki on the back of his head, "Your legs were kinda strong, but for now, feel mine!" The beast is completely gassed barely moving as Iceman18 body scissors his prized quads. "How's that stupid anklet working out for you now?" The torture continues with one-legged Boston crabs, a crippling camel clutch, even hair pulling as he screams in pain! Loki's chiseled back is stretched to its limits ready to break at any moment before he is slammed face first to the mat. He recovers, and a flex off ensues each comparing their powerful pythons. "Why are you so little? Want to see what arms looks like?" asks Loki. "You got some nice stretch marks there!" mocks Iceman18. "It's from growing. You don't know nothing about that!" Playtime is over as these behemoths try to break each other's ribs and backs in a grueling BEARHUG BATTLE! The vet lifts Loki in a brutal belly to belly bearhug, "You know how I can tell you're all buff and no strength; cuz you're so light!" Iceman18 swings the beast in circles like a child mocking the 220 pounder as he gasps for air and is dropped down. Loki sees red and returns the favor swinging the blonde beast back, "What were you saying about being light?" As time goes on, the bearhugs get tighter and tighter. Both behemoths struggle to breathe as their hulking muscles become limp in each other's powerful embrace and crumble to the mat! With the bearhug battle complete, Loki flexes thick double biceps when he is surprised with a brutal ab stretch! He groans in pain struggling under the intense pressure and finally is able to FLIP Iceman18 over his shoulder onto the mat. Loki mounts his victim's abs fighting to keep his arms pinned down as he battles back to escape. Quickly, the muscle beast rolls Iceman18 over in a SKULL-CRUSHING front facing head scissors; his face pulled deep into Loki's thick quads of steel as he groans in agony. Incredibly, Iceman18 struggles to his knees then stands to his feet picking up the bodybuilder and SLAMS him on his back breaking the hold. Loki writhes in pain on the mat and is forced up into a vicious standing head scissors! "This is real power!" yells Iceman18. "So squishy!" groans Loki fighting to stay conscious. "You're getting mixed up with your legs my friend!" The blonde behemoth takes his scissors down to the mat as Loki struggles to break free. Iceman18 SQUEEZES tighter and tighter; the beast's face is pure torture as his hulking frame is powerless to escape. With Loki's head in his lap, Iceman18 releases his scissors, pins his pythons down with his legs, and GRINDS his forearm into Loki's face, "How's that pretty face feel now?" The dominant beast slaps his victim's chiseled abs again and again as he screams in pain! What comes next is one of the HOTTEST submissions we have ever filmed as things are about to get up close and personal!


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