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Iceman18 vs Loki Part 2 - Mat Wars 135

$ 25.95

A pissed off Loki is out for blood ready to UNLEASH a world of pain! The wrestlers flex their rock-hard biceps comparing size as Iceman18 says something sending Loki over the edge. A quick tie-up has Loki and Iceman18 breaking away with arm drags FLIPPING each other head over heels onto the mat. Full of rage, Loki begins ripping Iceman18 apart with vicious arm-bars, twisting, and slamming Iceman18's injured arms up and down as he begs for mercy! "Stop screaming!" orders Loki dragging the barely moving Iceman18 to his feet for a meathook clothesline and BODYSLAM! Nearly broken in half, Iceman18 gasps for air straining to escape as Loki wraps his bulging bicep around Iceman18 in a tight sleeper. His eyes rolling back in his head, Iceman18 is let go as the dominant Loki yanks on Iceman18's injured arms DRIVING his knee deep into Iceman18's back! "You ready to give up yet?" taunts Loki. Iceman18 groans in pain; his beefy pecs about to rip apart before he crumbles to the mat. Loki flexes his juicy muscles in victory as Iceman18 struggles to his feet ready for revenge. A NECK-BREAKING full nelson battle has both wrestlers breathing hard and heavy straining to escape each other's viselike grips! The brutal action continues as stomps to the back and chest, leg drop, elbow drop, torturous leg stretches, and SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors have Loki and Iceman18 fighting for the win!