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Iceman18 vs Ludwig - No Holds Barred 146

Iceman18 vs Ludwig - No Holds Barred 146

$ 31.59

Ludwig flexes his powerful pythons, "Ready to get humiliated by this big hairy barbarian? My forearm's the size of your entire arm!" "I'm not gonna lose to someone as pale as you. Put your money where your mouth is!" challenges Iceman18. The muscle hunks decide on a test of strength: an arm wrestling match! Their bulging biceps strain under the viselike grips, and the "little Barbie boy" takes the win. "Why don't you go outside and get some vitamin D and tan!" Ludwig is pissed and BARRELS in with a tight rear bearhug slamming Iceman18 face first to the mat. "Stand up pretty boy!" Both gladiators battle back and forth with dirty tricks, bearhugs, tight full nelsons, and CRIPPLING camel clutches! With the hairy barbarian winded, Iceman18 claws his furry pecs forcing him into the wall and gut punches the beast taking him down in a scissor/sleeper combo. Ludwig almost passes out but narrowly escapes with an elbow to the ribs! The behemoth mounts Iceman18, gut punching and flexing over his victim, "Real muscle! You should get a feel of what real power looks like!" The muscle stud recovers lifting the barbarian in a fireman's carry, "Real power huh? Can real power do this?" Iceman18 SAMOAN DROPS the beast to the mat as he screams in pain! The muscle bull is completely gassed as Iceman18 forces him to his feet and jumps on his thick back trying for a sleeper! Ludwig easily squats the muscle hunk then tosses him down, "Come here little baby!" He picks Iceman18 like a baby and begins CURLING him with ease, "That's what real power looks like!" The barbarian continues his torture: an over the knee BACK BREAKER and rib-cracking belly to back bearhug have Iceman18 gasping for air under the intense pressure. "You need a breath!" Ludwig appears to show mercy letting him go only to pick him up again in a massive front bearhug! Somehow, Iceman18 escapes with a knee to the ribs and tries to weaken the behemoth with a two-handed choke. "I'm still standing. You need more to take me out!" flexes Ludwig. "You better watch out!" Out of nowhere, Iceman18 delivers a FLYING KICK taking the big man to his knees then another brutal kick to the jaw nearly taking off his head! "My face. I think you broke my jaw!" Ludwig groans in agony clutching his aching mouth, but Iceman18 continues on stretching the behemoth out in a massive BANANA SPLIT and delivers a dirty trick! The burly beast cries out, "I give!" "You give? Give me some taps for that give!" Iceman18 rolls the heavyweight over in a brutal ARM BAR forcing him to tap out repeatedly. "Real power? Come on real power pass out for me!" The muscle stud wraps his bicep around the behemoth's throat for a sleeper. Ludwig's hulking frame begins to slump powerless to break out, and he passes out! You know what they say, never wake a sleeping giant! The big hairy barbarian recovers, and the back and forth battle intensifies: a CHOKELIFT, bearhugs, full nelsons, pec claws, and loads of dirty tricks! The loser screams out begging for mercy, "I can't; no more! You broke my rib!" How does it all end? You gotta see it to find out!