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Iceman18 vs Polish Hammer - Mat Rats 147

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

Iceman and Polish Hammer start off by talking into the camera saying who they are and why they are wrestling in this match. Iceman is then on the mat talking to the camera while Polish Hammer flexes behind him. When Iceman notices him, Polish Hammer runs over and starts gut punching Iceman. The larger Iceman dismisses his opponent and throws him around like a ragdoll. He uses power moves to demolish his opponent before a MASSIVE GORILLA PRESS! He then locks in a rear sleeper hold and puts Polish Hammer out cold! When he wakes up, he launches an attack at Iceman giving it everything he has. Polish Hammer has the skill but not the strength to hang with Iceman. Anytime he gets any favorable position, Iceman simply throws Polish Hammer away. Iceman suggests a flex off and forces his opponent to compare muscles before catching him off guard and putting him in a smothering dragon sleeper. When Polish Hammer passes out again, he wakes up again just as angry and attacks Iceman. Getting on his back, he gets a sleeper hold tight and moves over to standing in a chair. From the chair, Polish Hammer jumps cross body into Iceman! However, Iceman catches Polish Hammer mid-air and slams him into the mat forcefully. He then uses him for a human dumbbell and bicep curls him numerous times. Using bearhugs, camel clutches, crossfaces, leg scissors, and lift and carry moves Iceman works Polish Hammer over. A Gorilla Press finish demolishes the tiny Polish Hammer! Iceman stands over his squashed opponent and has some final words for the audience at home.