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Iceman18 vs Regan - Bodybuilder Battle 176

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Iceman18 and Regan walk into the living room where Iceman is trying to help Regan pick out some trunks and swimming shorts. He feels up Regan to get his dimensions and see how everything will fit until he decides he wants to feel a little bit more of Regan's body. He sits him on the couch and has a little muscle worship while they both relax. They each get pretty close while Iceman feels up Regan's pecs, but the mood changes when it appears that Regan gets a little too comfortable with Iceman's presence. Iceman locks up Regan in a headlock and the match is on. Both guys jockey for position going back and forth. It seems that Iceman's experience gives him the upper hand and he takes full advantage to keep Regan down while continuing his muscle worship session. A distracted Iceman starts to make wrestling mistakes and Regan gains momentum. He locks Iceman up and starts to throw in some dirty tricks to add some extra punishment! Both blonde haired behemoths put on a show of wrestling and dirty tricks including ball claws and wedgies. Neither muscle stud is phased in the action and continues the mix of wrestling and muscle worship going 100%! Regan's attitude starts to make Iceman angry when he refuses to give up in his leg scissors. Iceman switches his style to be more brutal and locks in sleeper holds, power moves, and more dirty tricks to beat Regan. But, he can't help himself and returns to making Regan worship his perfectly defined body. Regan agrees and lures Iceman into comfortability before using his knee to deliver a BRUTAL LOW BLOW that drops Iceman to the ground. More back and forth dirty tricks, pec claws, sleeper holds, head scissors, and bear hugs leaves one wrestler choked out. The winner lifts up his knocked out trophy and carries him away with the final words..."Off to the Bedroom."