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Iceman18 vs Regan - No Holds Barred 197

$ 34.75

The beefy new guy Regan is using his phone to check his blonde hair before his upcoming match. He is interrupted by THE beefy, blonde stud of Thunders Arena, Iceman18. "Who are you?" barks out Iceman, who hasn't seen the fresh meat yet. The two thick muscled wrestlers waste no time and bump into each other tying up. You can hear the meaty clap of the two blonde bodybuilders locking up. Iceman easily dismisses Regan in the first clash, but Regan brings the fight in the next round. Iceman is not going to take that and drops Regan to the mat before grabbing a tight handful with a dirty ball claw that catches the rookie by surprise. A worked up Regan gets up and throws some gut punches to take down his opponent. Iceman is then locked in a deep sleeper hold and Regan returns a dirty trick to further the punishment. That starts a game that Iceman is plenty familiar with and he uses both hands to ball claw Regan from his knees before standing over him and locking in a body scissors that begins to wear down the new blonde muscle stud. Regan does more than keep up and grabs a quick handful between Iceman's legs before locking in a chest to chest bearhug. Iceman returns the favor before using his charm to get close to Regan by complimenting his chest, and then viciously clawing his pecs. Another takedown leaves Iceman on the mat, and yet again using a dirty trick to take down Regan. Iceman keeps his formula of punishment and ball claws to take over the match and really teach the rookie how THE BEEFY BLONDE STUD OF THUNDERS ARENA does a no hold barred match. But Regan shows he can keep up and doesn't let Iceman have his way with him as he does other guys. An intense match heats up with a mix of action and muscle worship when both men admire the muscles and strength of their opponent, but aren't going to lose this match! The cocky balance of "you have great muscles" and "I'm going to beat your ass" continues with humiliating schoolboy pins, tight front-facing head scissors, and quick slaps on the glutes while both muscle behemoths fight to gain the advantage. Sweat begins to pour and muscles get pumped up as this dirty no holds barred match begins to reach its climax. The sights of both blonde haired muscle stud's sweaty bodies, and the sounds of thick muscles clapping against one another brings an intense match down to who has the endurance to keep going! A MASSIVE POWER MOVE determines the outcome of the match and who will be the king blonde bodybuilder of Thunders Arena.