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Iceman18 vs Rex - No Holds Barred 182

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

A battle over trunks turns into one of the HOTTEST No Holds Barred of 2020! Rex refuses to apologize for wearing Iceman18's favorite trunks, so Iceman18 decides to teach a painful lesson in respect. Tying up, Iceman18 breaks away wrapping his bulging bicep around Rex's throat worshipping his hairy muscle as he struggles to breathe. Rex soon powers out lifting Iceman18 in a CRUSHING belly to back bearhug; the intense struggle for domination leaving both wrestlers winded. First to recover, Iceman18 strikes with another sleeper choking Rex into the wall and POUNDS his furry abs with brutal gut punches and blows to the chest! The muscle worship continues with both wrestlers breathing heavy. Locking up again, Rex is forced down to the mat as Iceman18 mounts his abs SQUEEZING his furry pecs in a double pec claw! Rex groans in pain as both wrestlers deliver vicious dirty tricks battling for control. Barely on his knees, Iceman18 wraps Rex in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors and takes him down with the scissors locked in. The blood rushing from his brain, Rex narrowly escapes as a body scissor battle erupts. Iceman18 and Rex use their massive quads SQUEEZING each other as hard as they can adding pec claws and dirty tricks to inflict more pain! Back on his feet, Iceman18 rolls Rex over in a crippling sit-down camel clutch; his furry pecs STRETCHED to their limits ready to rip apart as Rex screams in pain and is slammed on his face. Rex slowly gets up and lifts Iceman18 in a tight belly to back bearhug. Gasping for air, Iceman18 locks on a dirty trick as both wrestlers groan in agony seeing who is gonna give first. His eyes rolling back in his head, Iceman18 crumbles to the mat as Rex wraps his hairy quads around in a brutal standing head scissors. Iceman18 struggles to stay awake; the intense pressure building in his skull as Rex SMACKS Iceman18's glutes harder and harder! Collapsing to the mat, Iceman18 is pulled deep into a front-facing head scissors. His face turning bright red, Iceman18 tries CLAWING Rex's furry pecs finally rolling him over in a cradle to escape. The dirty tricks and muscle worship get even more INTENSE as Rex and Iceman18 pin each other to the walls with double pec claws and feverishly explore their thick muscle! Iceman18 breaks away lifting Rex in a fireman's carry SHAKING him up and down as Rex grows limp and is slammed on his back. Dropping to his knees, Iceman18 mounts Rex's chest burying his skull deep within his quads and BENDS Rex's hands nearly breaking his fingers as he screams in pain powerless to move! Muscle worship, dirty tricks, a crushing rear bearhug, arm-breaking hammerlock, and front-facing head scissors end in a MOUTH-WATERING finish!