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Sergei puts Iceman18 into a head scissors at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Iceman18 vs Sergei - Mat Rats 109

$ 34.75

The Russian destroyer Sergei flexes his guns of steel ready to take on his next victim. "That's cute. I remember when I was the littlest one!" Iceman mocks the behemoth's 18 1/2 inch biceps claiming they're just water and creatine. "Bigger than yours," laughs Sergei, "This is real muscle!" The muscle hunks engage in a pec bounce competition, the Russian's beefy pecs clearly bigger. "I think I got you on these!" Iceman accuses the muscle beast of breast implants sending Sergei into a fit of rage!
A shoving match breaks out. The muscle giant wraps his powerful pythons around Iceman in a tight bearhug. "How's that feel?" "Feels like a good massage!" Iceman groans in pain clawing Sergei's juicy pecs until finally the hold is released. The vet retaliates lifting the 230 pound colossus in a belly to belly bearhug. "I can walk you around with these fake muscles. This is the real muscle experience!" Sergei isn't used to being hoisted up in the air, "You're pretty strong for a little guy. Not strong enough!" He escapes, and the back and forth bearhug battle continues. "Give me your best shot!" taunts the over confident vet. Big mistake! The muscle behemoth lifts his victim in an even bigger RIB-CRUSHING bearhug; his forearms digging deep in Iceman's sides. The muscle stud gasps for air falling back into the wall. Iceman catches the giant off guard with a rear bearhug threatening to choke him out. Sergei laughs, "You can't put me to sleep. Prove it!" Iceman wraps his bicep around the giant's throat, but he breaks away with a vicious elbow to the ribs. The Russian lifts his victim across his strapping chest and drops him in an over the knee BACK BREAKER! "You give little guy?" Iceman is in agony, "I'm not giving to a newbie like you! I'm gonna show you when I get up!" The giant drops his victim on his face pinning him down while flexing. Iceman gets up and locks in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, "Not so tough now! Get on your knees!" The muscle stud forces the heavyweight down and delivers a crippling camel clutch. "You're still little. You're getting lucky!" Sergei moans under the pain; his chiseled back stretched to its limits! The Russian juggernaut stumbles to his feet and wants payback. A devastating full nelson and ARM-BREAKING standing surfboard has the vet right where the muscle giant wants him. Sergei wraps his tree trunk quads around Iceman's skull, "Gonna pop that head!" Iceman groans in excruciating pain struggling to break the viselike grip as the beast takes his scissors to the mat. Somehow, the vet escapes but is left extremely winded. The muscle stud charges in with a DOUBLE PEC CLAW forcing the Russian against the wall, "Not so big and strong now? You can't stop me!" Iceman begins gut punching Sergei, but the blows can't penetrate his ripped abs. "What was that? Let me show you how to do punches!" The muscle beast throws the vet into the wall HAMMERING his abs then lifts him in a crushing front bearhug. Iceman screams in pain struggling to breathe and clutches his aching back. 
The muscle titans battle in a game of mercy. "I'm to strong for this. Give in!" Sergei forces Iceman down to the mat. "You still have fake muscles!" groans the vet. The Russian wraps his bear claw hands around Iceman's throat in a CHOKELIFT! "How's that for fake muscles?" Iceman struggles to stay conscious and crumbles to the mat. Sergei delivers a tight headlock, but the vet breaks out lifting the 230 pounder on his shoulder. "You're a big fat guy you know that!" "More shredded than you!" Iceman POWERSLAMS the giant to the mat, "Welcome to the team new guy!" The big boys take their fight down to the mat each mounting and pinning each other trying for a 3 count, cradles, schoolboy pins, a vicious sleeper. Will the Russian destroyer claim another victim, or will the experienced vet put the muscle behemoth on ice?