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Iceman18 vs Silas - Mat Wars 159

$ 31.25

Iceman wastes no time grabbing Silas by his long hair and throwing him around the mat! A few wrestlers on the Thunders Arena roster have learned, Silas is not the guy to underestimate. Silas bumps chests with the massive Iceman before wrapping him up and taking him to the mat. With Iceman on his back, Silas starts to take it to the bodybuilder using his superior wrestling background. Iceman counters using his gigantic legs to wrap Silas up and control his movement. 

Iceman has had enough and decides he wants to punish Silas with pushups on his face. Silas has to fight harder to not allow Iceman to make him look like a little bitch! Silas's skills show but Iceman's size and strength is too much for the smaller Silas. Will Silas be able to wear down the bodybuilder with no cardio and use his stamina and skill to score more points on Iceman?

Silas locks in a TIGHT side headlock and has Iceman fighting to breathe! Silas shows off flexing and talking trash. "THIS IS WHAT A REAL MAN'S ARM FEELS LIKE, BIG BOY!" This phrase sets Iceman off and he fights back harder. Iceman's biggest weapon is his legs and he uses them to squeeze the life out of Silas. He wraps the rookies head up between his quads and tightens down for what feels like hours! To Silas's surprise, Iceman has PLENTY of stamina to take him on! 

Watch how this Mat War unfolds...Get your download TODAY!