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Iceman18 vs Striker - Mat Wars 132

Iceman18 vs Striker - Mat Wars 132

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

"You squat 500lbs, make a million dollars a year! You can be the sexiest man in the world; this is your fight!" FIRED UP, the new rookie pounds his chest ready for his next match as the vet walks in in disbelief, "Who are you lying to; squat 500lbs? You look how I did in middle school, sexiest man of all those 12 year olds!" mocks Iceman18. Not backing down, the cocky newb PUSHES the muscle beast away, "Who the hell are you? Look at this pudge, beer belly boy! This middle school a** is gonna beat yo a**!" threatens Striker. A flex off begins comparing biceps and quads. "My forearm is bigger than your upper arm! I look like a million dollars!" taunts Iceman18. "You're the dollar menu with that crap!" mocks the rookie shoving the vet harder and harder. Finally snapping, the behemoth lifts the 165 pounder in a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug as he gasps for air straining to escape. "How's your back feel?" "I'm just getting warmed up!" moans the rookie. The mountain of muscle drops his victim flexing a beefy double bicep as the rookie tries a takedown, but he doesn't budge. Frustrated, he rears back and tries lifting the 220 pounder in a bearhug but can't get him up. "Come on squat 500lbs!" taunts the behemoth hoisting the lightweight in an UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug. "Put me down!" groans Striker struggling to breathe; the blood rushing to his brain. "I'll put you down alright!" threatens the beast TOSSING his victim down, "Now your face matches your bottoms!" Winded, the rookie tries toppling the giant barely moving his granite slab leg as he mocks his attempt, "Out of breath, you think you're strong? You know you're not strong!" His BLOOD BOILING, the underdog charges in finally lifting the behemoth in a massive fireman's carry shaking him up and down, "What's up now?" Dazed, Iceman18 is dropped down and LEVELED with a massive clothesline as he coughs to breathe. "Talking all that shit? This is my mat!" declares Striker. "That's what we're doing now?" Angry, the behemoth trips the rookie and mounts his chest pinning him down with his knees, "Admire it!" flexes Iceman18, "I'm gonna show you what strength is!" The lightweight is dragged to his feet for a massive fireman's carry SHAKEN like a rag doll, "Those are legs that can actually lift 500lbs!" Groaning in pain, the cocky newb still runs his mouth, "Come on that's all you got?" Big mistake as he's THRASHED around even harder and dropped down! Back on their feet, the titans lock up battling for control. "That's a lot of meat, fat boy!" groans Striker. "Who you calling fat boy?" Letting go, Iceman18 stands still as the rookie tries futilely to lift him by his legs finally TRIPPING him on his face rolling him into a tight cradle. "Somebody save me!" mocks the vet as the tiny newb fights to contain the muscle beast, "I can hold you here all day!" Striker leans over for a crossbody pin but is BENCH PRESSED up and down across the giant's gorilla size chest and launched across the arena for a crippling camel clutch, "How's that back feeling?" Screaming in agony, the rookie is slammed down and rolled over on his neck and back; FOLDED in half so tight, he is eating his knees! "Get off me!" pleads Striker. "Can you get up from that? Can we get 1, 2, 3 pin over here?" Barely moving, Iceman18 continues his beatdown with a vicious guillotine choke and upside down belly to back bearhug PILEDRIVING his victim's skull into the ground knocking him out. "You need to respect how awesome this is; just took you out right there!" flexes the behemoth sitting his motionless victim up jarring him awake with a meaty forearm blow to the back. The mountain of muscle wraps his quads of steel around the small stud in RIB-SHATTERING body scissors, "My leg's the size of your whole body! You gonna give?" Gasping for air, Striker can barely speak, "I don't give!" as he's rolled back and forth in the torturous hold. Unable to handle the excruciating pain, he finally submits as the camera drops down to his washboard abs and pans up to the mountain of muscle towering over his prey. "No, please!" begs Striker howling in agony as the 220 pounder GRINDS his foot deep into his abs letting him catch his breath before doing it again and again! Zoomed in, you will feel part of the action with a bird's eye view on the gruesome torture! "I am amazing, and you need to know that!" taunts Iceman18 as Striker reaches up and CHOKES the behemoth trying to escape. "You know what?" Wrapping his meathook hands around his throat, the mountain of muscle overpowers the rookie dragging him up for a NECK-BREAKING full nelson and dragon sleeper. "No, no!" flails the rookie gasping for air; his small frame goes limp and collapses to the mat. "Iceman18 - 2, sexiest man alive, millionaire - 0!" You think it's all over, but it only gets worse as Striker wakes up ready for payback! Barreling in, the rookie lifts the behemoth across his shoulders carrying him to the living room, "Give you a place to sleep; I'm done with your s**t talking!" The rookie SLAMS the mountain of muscle on the couch nearly knocking it over. "I don't like your attitude! You need to relax before I put you to sleep again!" threatens Iceman18. The living room BRAWL begins: guillotine choke, crushing body scissors, two-hand chop to the chest, gut punches, ab claw, two-handed chokes, punches to the chest! Maniacal laughter echoes through the living room walls as the ottoman turns into a HUMAN TORTURE TABLE leading up to a devastating end!