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Iceman18 vs Turtle - Mat Wars 160

$ 32.95

Turtle tells Iceman straight to his face "I AM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS!" ...Wrong move! Iceman slams Turtle to the mat and jumps on top of him. He wraps his massive bicep around Turtle's neck and squeezes!  Iceman gets distracted by his opponent's massive arms and Turtle is into it. They compare the size of each muscle while groping and grabbing each other. But this is wrestling so Iceman ties Turtle up and gets back to slamming his opponent around the mat! Iceman uses his experience to work Turtle over with headscissors, sleeper holds, and of course a dirty move or two! 

Both bodybuilders admire the power and strength of their opponent so the match balances a fine line of muscle worship and wrestling. Turtle is outmatched by Iceman on wrestling skills and Iceman controls the pace. Slamming Turtle when he wants. Feeling any muscle he wants. and INFLICTING PAIN WHEN HE WANTS!

A smothering and sweaty series of bearhugs turns the tables when Iceman gets hurt! Is this Turtle's chance to take over? Or will Iceman finish the job like the seasoned pro he is?