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Iceman18 vs Van Acker - No Holds Barred 180

$ 31.25

"That's right; it's my favorite shirt!" Slamming him on the couch and pulling his shirt off, the blonde Iceman bends his prey over in a chokehold peeling down his leather pants and smacks his glutes. "You keep wearing my shirt!" "They're comfortable!" groans Van Acker wedged between the behemoth's quads of steel for a sit down piledriver on the couch. "Stop, come on man, let me go!" pleads the lightweight upside down; his skull trapped in his quads as he's tossed to the ground. "Why you trying to take my pants off man? You want my pants too? Take all my stuff!" taunts Iceman18 taking off his clothes as a struggle breaks out pinning each other tight to their chest. "Alright, you're big; I get it!" groans Van Acker trying to push him away. "One of my favorite shirts!" threatens Iceman18 with a guillotine choke as the lightweight clamps on a vicious dirty trick and jumps on his back choking the air from his lungs. "You're not that strong big guy!" Gasping for air, the 220 pounder falls back CRUSHING his tiny prey into the couch nearly knocking it over before ripping off his pants. "Come on man, I get it, your legs are really big, but those are my pants!" "I don't appreciate you going through my stuff!" yells the blonde beast throwing the leather pants in his face pinning him down on the couch rubbing his meathook hands over his body before choking him. "I won't do it again! It was your shirt!" "I know it was my shirt; I'm glad you know it was my shirt!" The muscle beast mounts his prey clamping on a vicious dirty trick as he gasps for air. "You know what, let's take you outside!" Iceman18 lifts his prey in an upside down belly to belly bearhug carrying him as he begs for mercy, "please, please!" and slammed down. Not letting up, Iceman18 wraps his quads of steel around the lightweight in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors. "Ahh my head; your legs are so big! I can't breathe; my head's gonna pop!" "Your heads gonna pop, probably means I should do it harder huh!" flexing his quads of steel even harder flexing a beefy double bicep. "You gonna give?" "I gave before you even took the shirt!" groans Van Acker crumbling to his knees. His pain just beginning, the rock-hard beast rolls his tiny prey ina RIB-CRACKING body scissors yanking his arms back, "Come on, you can't get out of that!" taunts the beast tossing his victim across the mat. "Please I won't touch your stuff no more!" "You better not touch my stuff!" A devastating guillotine choke rolled on his back and dirty trick have the lightweight unable to handle the unbearable pain as he taps out. "That was cheap man, stop!" The lightweight stands to his feet trying to push the muscle monster, but he doesn't move picked up in an over-the-knee back breaker! "How's that back feel? Had enough?" Blood curdling screams, he is shoved to his face wrapped in a skull-crushing head acissors. "Your legs are too big! My heads gonna pop off!" "Oh yeah, I'll be merciful!" letting him go. The ruthless vet drags his injured prey in a face-first head scissors as he begs for his life clutching his aching head and is let go. Mounting his prey, the 220 pounder climbs on top of his victim, wedging his skull between his quads of steel. "You're so heavy! Please stop, why are you humiliating me; it wasn't your shirt!" "It was my shirt; you're never taking my stuff again!" flexes Iceman18 with a dirty trick. The behemoth drops his knee into his abs over and over sucking the air from his lungs and locks on a crushing body scissors. "Your legs are gonna crush my chest in!" then transitions to leg sleeper. "You can have the shirt; it's yours!" "I can have my own shirt back? You're so kind and gracious! How's that head feeling!" A face first head scissors, over the knee back breaker, dirty trick, standing head acissors. "I'm not done with your head yet! Is that a tap out?" "I'm tapping out, please!" Not letting go, an atomic wedgie has Van Acker howling in agony crumbling to the mat. Knees to the ribs, head scissors, sit-down Boston crab. "I don't know why you thought you could take my shirt and get away with it!" "Please no more, my body can't take it! I can't stand the pain!" On his knees, Iceman18 drops his chest again and again smothering his victim's face and body. "Don't squish me please, you're too big!" Completely helpless, the dominant beast plans his final vicious assault, "Don't worry, I'll make it quick!"