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iceman18 wildcard mens muscle wrestling thunders arena head scissors

Iceman18 vs Wildcard - Mat Wars 83

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Iceman18 vs Wildcard who is 5'8 and 220 lbs of powerlifter.  Wildcard is a former powerlifter who has raw power like we have not seen in a long time.  He is a former 4 time high school wresting champion but switched into powerlifting to really throw around guys. He maybe smaller in size but he has massive power.  He wants to do more bodybuilding but that will be coming down the road.  Watch as Iceman18 struggles to contain the beast that is Wildcard.  If you look in our blog, you can see where Wildcard hits Iceman18 so hard with a forearm smash that it knocks him clean across the mat and Iceman hits his head into the garage and it about knocks him out.  Then there are some intense head scissors and so much more to this match you will enjoy!

Joe from Ringside at Skull Island Blog had this to say about this match, "After the first five minutes of zingers and poses, Mat Wars 83  begins to live up to the series' name. The action is aggressive and often significant. Iceman and Punk rev each other up. Iceman shows a penchant for strongman tactics such as heaving the burlier wrestler up onto his shoulders. He doesn't look like he's just horsing around as he cracks the new guy over his knee. In turn, Punk sells the pain like a man who appreciates the value of macho-man suffering. After a particularly strenuous camel clutch, he seems unable even to get back on his feet. Yet Punk is largely unfazed by Iceman's headscissors, a situation Iceman takes as a direct challenge, doubling down with the hold several more times, each time acquiring a new layer of sweat. Iceman's self-confidence and determination make the contest more compelling than it might have been.

For my tastes, Iceman is the best-looking of Thunder's recent hires, and I believe in him as a wrestler too. If he can hold on to his commitment to earnest, hard-driving mat drama and acquire more of Marco's grappling know-how, I could easily get obsessed with the guy."