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Impact viggo camel clutch submission hold submit chest pecs

Impact vs Viggo - Rough & Ready 50

$ 25.95

Viggo is a stickler for cleanliness. So when the muscular tough guy finds the kitchen sink full of dirty dishes, he is looking to kick somebodys ass. Impact is lying on a couch nearby and, assuming he is responsible for the mess, Viggo throws a dirty spoon at him. Impact has been away for a while, but apparently he has spent a lot of time in the gym. The sexy muscle stud is looking bigger and better than ever, with a light beard, huge guns and wearing a skimpy tiger stripe poser that really shows off his amazing body. The two argue about who needs to do the dishes, but its not long before Viggo tries to intimidate Impact with his rock hard muscular body. Viggo flexes his bicep and tells Impact Im going to kick your ass with this. Impact flexes his own huge arm and puts it in front of Viggos, showing that it is bigger. Its clear that neither of these two muscular Alpha hunks is going to do the dishes until the other one makes him, so they head to the mat. Viggo is still certain that hes got a better body and tells Impact he is shorter than Viggo. Impact has had enough of Viggos cocky big mouth and he lands a chop across Viggos chest, knocking him down. Demonstrating the power in his big arms, Impact picks Viggo up in a belly to back bear hug and throws him to mat three times before putting him in a long painful headlock. With a cocky grin on his face, Impact asks the tough guy how does it feels. Tough Viggo says it feels good. Saying Ill show you why they call me Impact he drops an elbow smash to Viggos back. The cocky smile still on his handsome face, Impact tells Viggo The dishes arent so bad now, huh? Then he lifts Viggo over his head for a gorilla press and drops him to mat. But tough as nails Viggo does some pushups, jumps to his feet, pushes Impact against the wall and says Lets work those abs giving Impact a barrage of gut punches. Impact picks up Viggo in a baby carry then drops him over his knee for a backbreaker, with a couple of elbow smashes to the gut for good measure. With Viggo on mat groaning in pain, Impact drops an another elbow smash to his gut. Then he puts Viggo in a neck scissors and punches him in the ribs while in the hold. Enjoying himself, Impact flexes and kisses his biceps while he has Viggo in the scissors. But when he grabs Viggo by the neck to pick him up for some more punishment, Viggo punches Impact with a dirty shot, dropping him to the mat. Now with the advantage, Viggo puts Impact in a sleeper and tells him hes going to do those dishes. But Impact uses his huge arms to power out and puts Viggo in an over the shoulder carry. He bounces Viggo to maximize the pain, does a single bi, then drops Viggo to the mat like a sack of flour. Looking down at Viggo on the mat he says Not so short from up here. Not beaten, Viggo gets to his feet and tells Impact I got plenty left. But Impacts domination of tough Viggo continues with gut punches, a belly to back bear hug and an atomic drop, leaving Viggo face down on the mat, holding his lower back in pain. Impact stomps his foot on Viggos lower back and applies a camel clutch, a headlock and then a body scissors. When Impact releases the hold he flexes in a double bi and grins at Viggo with the cocky confident grin of a man who has just thoroughly dominated his opponent. But Viggo says he is still standing and he slams Impact to the mat. With Impact grabbing his back in pain, merciless Viggo puts him in an over the knee backbreaker. After giving Impact a few gut punches, Viggo applies a neck and arm scissors. With Impact immobilized in the scissors, Viggo punches him half a dozen times in the ribs, repeatedly asking if he is going to do his dishes. Then Viggo puts Impact in a beautifully applied cradle. But Impact again uses his powerful arms to break out. When they lock up, Impact puts Viggo into another gorilla press, drops him to the mat and follows up with a headlock and some punches to the ribs. When Viggo gets to his feet, Impact gives him yet another Gorilla press followed by a head lock. When Viggo still gets to his feet, Impact does a fourth gorilla press. Proud of his amazing power, Viggo gives a big double bi and grins at the camera in cocky satisfaction at his domination of Viggo. When he asks Viggo if he wants more, Viggo foolishly manages to gets to his feet and Impact gives Viggo yet another gorilla press. This time Viggo doesnt get up.