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Chance puts Njustice into a sleeper at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

NJustice vs Chance - Mat Rats 116

$ 25.95

Dirty tricks and secret weapons are just the beginning in this BRUTAL match up! New rookie Chance flexes his bulging biceps when he's interrupted by NJustice, "Fe fi fo fum, someone's on my mat, and I'm gonna kick their bum!" Chance isn't impressed, "You talking to me? By the end of this match, you're gonna be lying on the ground like my little b****!" NJustice isn't about to be disrespected by a newbie and wants the money he's owed. A vicious gut punch and knee to the gut has Chance crumbling to the mat rolling around in pain. The devious vet reaches in his trunks, pulls out a secret pair of boxers, and starts choking him with it! Chance struggles but breaks away locking in a sleeper of his own, "Like that? I'm gonna show you who's boss around this mat!" "No you're not!" NJustice gasps for air stumbling to his feet and breaks the hold backing the muscle beast into the wall! A vicious ab claw and gut punches have the vet declaring, "I am the man!" Chance recovers and LAUNCHES NJustice over and over into the wall nearly breaking his back, "I'm gonna make you tap! Get up!" The vet is dragged to his feet but surprises the rookie with a DOUBLE TITTY TWISTER! Chance groans in pain but escapes slamming the vet face first into his rock hard chest nearly knocking him out. The rookie tries for a sleeper but is met with a vicious rake to the eyes! With the muscle beast incapacitated, NJustice tries choking him out with both hands, but he feels nothing, "How's this not choking you?" Chance escapes with another face first slam into his pecs of steel. NJustice recovers and uses one of his dirty tricks to bring down the big man. A vicious leg lock has Chance howling in pain CLAWING at the mat to escape! He tries for a bearhug, but the muscle beast easily overpowers the vet delivering a wicked knee to the face nearly breaking his nose as he falls to the mat! Chance flies through the air with a massive ELBOW DROP and goes for a pin but only gets a two count. "I will not be pinned!" groans NJustice. Chance forces his victim to his feet delivering bearhug after bearhug SHAKING him up and down as he struggles to breathe. The muscle bull tries again for a pin but can't capitalize, so he slams NJustice into the wall delivering a DOUBLE PEC CLAW! The vet's chest turns red as he howls in agony barely escaping with a BELL CLAP to the head! Chance falls to the mat clutching his aching skull. "That is it!" The maniacal NJustice grabs a broomstick and begins CRUSHING Chance's throat until he passes out! "Oh big boy, some people say that cheating is wrong, but you have better genetics than I do. I'm just evening the score!" NJustice wakes Chance up crushing his hand with the stick as he screams, "My hand!" The vet yanks his victim's hair ordering him to stand up as Chance delivers a brutal low blow. It's payback time as the rookie begins BASHING NJustice's back and abs with the stick as he flexes in victory. "You're gonna tire out eventually you big bastard!" groans the vet. Both muscle hunks exchange vicious sleepers nearly putting each other out, but a slap to the face sends NJustice into a blind rage with a crazed look in his eyes, "There's something inside me when people don't pay me my money. It brings out this evil in me that drives me insane, and I'm gonna beat the hell out of you!" What BRUTAL punishment does NJustice have in store for Chance? You won't believe your eyes!