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Izzy big sexy Python surfboard stretch camel clutch sleeper hold submission double team

Izzy vs Big Sexy w/ Python - Rough & Ready 33

$ 34.75

Our new wrestler Izzy gets a lesson in sharing, though probably not the lesson Big Sexy meant to teach him. Sexy, now bigger, beefier, bronzer, and blonder than ever before, is drawn to Izzys crme-filled snack cakes. Craving sugar and fat after a strenuous workout, he tries to coax the rookie into sharing what he has, but Izzy adamantly refuses. Izzys got a whole box of the cakes, but he wont spare Big Sexy even a bite. Finally, Izzy tells Sexy hell fight him for one of the cakes and Sexy agrees as if Sexy would ever need an inducement to wrestle! Izzy comes to the Arena with some wrestling experience, and like all true wrestlers, most of whom like to test themselves outside their weight class, he doesn't mind taking on tough competition, even a seasoned battler like Sexy, almost twice his size. Izzys heard all about Big Sexys strength and prowess, and he's convinced its all a load of hooey. Sexy holds nothing back from the little guybear hugs, backbreakers, chokeouts, and more, plus plenty of terrific mat grappling from both competitors. Even as the color drains from his face, Izzy wont give an inch. When Sexy threatens tougher and more painful holds, Izzy dares him to try his worst: You're not hurting me, he boasts, even while gasping for air. Youre weak! He even dares Sexy to try to choke him out! You may think you have guessed the rest, but wait theres more. Izzy learns to share all right, but in the end its Sexy who gets shared split down the middle between Izzy and our soft-spoken strong man Python. The snack attack turns into a smackdown, and then turns into a double-stack hijack! Rough and Ready 33 brings you all the roughhouse madness you have come to expect at the Arena, and Izzys debut and Sexys homecoming is pure, fresh-packed Thunders genius!