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Jack Hammer vs Mars - Mat Wars 170

$ 34.75

Mars strides onto the mat, his eyes locking onto a behemoth of a competitor—Jack Hammer, an intimidating force with bulging, bouncing pecs that seem to defy gravity. With a mix of awe and determination, Mars pays tribute to Jack Hammer's impressive physique through muscle worship, but it's clear that admiration won't be enough to satisfy the intense clash that's about to unfold.

In a split second, Jack Hammer's patience wanes, and he seizes Mars, dragging him into a merciless side headlock. Mars howls in agony as Jack Hammer cranks his neck further and further, the pain searing through every fiber of his being. With a mighty slam, Mars is driven forcefully into the unforgiving mat, leaving him dazed and reeling from the impact.

Despite the brutal throwdown, Mars summons the strength to rise, his legs quivering from the power of Jack Hammer's attack. With a cunning maneuver, Mars sneaks behind the flexing titan and traps his arms in a full nelson. But Jack Hammer's immense strength effortlessly breaks free, leaving Mars vulnerable to his next devastating move—a crushing belly to belly bearhug. In a desperate plea, Mars begs for release, but Jack Hammer only tightens his grip, pushing Mars to the brink of unconsciousness.

Finally relenting, Jack Hammer drops Mars limp, yet the assault is far from over. He stomps down on Mars' shoulder, inflicting more pain on the already battered wrestler. Like a predator toying with its prey, Jack Hammer towers over Mars, gripping him by the hair and hoisting him up, trapping him in a standing head scissors. Mars is left with no choice but to endure the excruciating punishment from Jack Hammer's unyielding legs, which pulse with raw power.

Will Mars be able to withstand the vice-like grip of Jack Hammer's colossal quads? Download NOW and find out!