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Jack Hammer vs Phish - Custom Video Series 168

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Big vs Little! 250 lbs vs 135 lbs

Jack Hammer is stretching out on the mat and Phish is hyped up to get his hands on Jack Hammer's massively built physique! Phish bumps Jack Hammer and nearly flies across the mat backwards! Jack Hammer just stares intensely at Phish like he is about to devour him for dinner! Phish flings himself into Jack one more time, but Jack Hammer lifts him upside down over his shoulders and carries him around the mat! 

Now that Jack Hammer has his hands on Phish, the smaller wrestler is in danger! Jack wraps his victims head between his legs and squeezes tighter and tighter as Phish flops around fighting to release himself from Jack's vice grip! Phish fights hard, but succumbs to Jack's power and passes out lifeless!

Jack Hammer is not finished and bends Phish up in a brutal Boston crab! Jack is now in full control of a beat up opponent and tosses Phish around the mat. The beating gets more and more real as Phish gets stretched out and beat harder and harder! The end draws near for Phish when Jack Hammer engulfs him in a chest to chest bearhug! The sweat pouring on to each other while Phish fights valiantly to escape! Phish find a second wind and attempts a comeback to fight against Jack Hammer! Will Phish be able to take down the Mass Monster, Jack Hammer?