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van acker nipple pinch rey

Jacob Van Acker v Rey - No Holds Barred 166

$ 25.95

"What are you doing in my ring? You have no idea what you're doing here!" yells new rookie Jacob Van Acker standing toe to toe with the South American muscle giant. Rey is not intimidated and pushes the small stud away, "This is my ring!" Out of nowhere, Jacob BARRELS in with an arm drag takedown and brutal leg lock as Rey groans in pain desperately trying to break free. "I told you this is my ring. I'm gonna show you that real quick!" The rookie knocks the air out of the behemoth with a quick gut punch and rolls him into a tight arm bar, "Those muscles aren't gonna do any good!" Rey struggles but begins flexing his powerful python over and over finally breaking free and LAUNCHES Van Acker to the mat in a crushing scissor/sleeper combo! Jacob gasps for air as the giant's beefy bicep squeezes his throat, and his quads of steel dig deep into his ribs. "It's my ring! You got it?" declares Rey. A fire begins to ignite in Van Acker as he escapes the behemoth's grip standing to his feet, "Alright strong guy, come here!" Incredibly, Jacob hoists the 215 pounder up in a massive shoulder carry and SLAMS him on his back! Rey can barely catch his breath before a barrage of brutal gut punches and vicious rear head scissors has him moaning in agony, "You are so strong!" The behemoth struggles to his feet as Van Acker quickly circles behind delivering a massive belly to back bearhug. His hulking muscles are powerless to escape as he falls face first to the mat into a CRIPPLING camel clutch! "I'm gonna break you big man!" threatens Jacob. Rey screams in pain but finds enough strength to break free battling back with a brutal arm bar and crushing body scissors, "You are strong, but I am bigger!" The intense back and forth battle continues: head scissors, arm bars, Boston crab, an UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug! Jacob breaks away first and goes for a pin rolling the behemoth in a tight cradle, "Got ya! One, two..." Rey barely kicks out tossing the rookie across the mat sending him into a rage. A FLYING KICK sends the Colombian muscle giant crashing into the garage door nearly knocking him out as Jacob follows up with a grueling leg lock and GUILLOTINE CHOKE, "I'm gonna pop your head off pretty boy!" Rey struggles finally breaking away, "Just remember, I'm bigger!" The non-stop action continues: leg drops, fireman's carry, tight full nelson, arm bars, gut punches, one and two handed chokes! A devious Jacob's thirst for pain reaches a boiling point as titty twisters and loads of dirty tricks are introduced, "Chipping you down piece by piece big man!" The final intense moments will have you in complete shock as these titans try and rip each other apart: crushing head scissors, sleepers, groin-breaking banana split, a STUNNER! "Please no more!" One muscle hunk can barely move begging for the match to stop. "You're gonna tap or pass out!"