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Jacob Van Acker v Scrappy - No Holds Barred 165

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

A PISSED OFF Scrappy wraps his hands around the rookie's throat, "What is with you? All you new guys going through my bag, taking my vitamins and my pre-workout!" Jacob Van Acker gasps for air as a brutal gut punch drops him to his knees, "I'm sorry!" The vet flexes his chiseled frame, "You wanna look like this?" "Yes!" Scrappy punches the rookie again tossing him across the mat and picks him up in a BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhug! Van Acker screams in pain as he's shaken and delivered an atomic wedgie. "I'm gonna humiliate you stealing my s**t, make you pay, and give you a lesson!" The rookie is powerless to escape collapsing to the mat, "I'm sorry!" Scrappy flexes in victory as Jacob recovers sneaking up from behind with a tight sleeper and drags him to the mat, "Those muscles aren't gonna help!" The vet struggles but finally breaks free retaliating with a RIB-CRUSHING body scissors. "Please stop!" screams the rookie, but the vet is just getting started rolling his victim in a tight cradle. "One, two!" Jacob barely kicks out as Scrappy feverishly tries again for pin, "One, two!" A surge of energy helps the newbie escape as he locks in a vicious Boston crab! "My back!" Scrappy is in agony as Van Acker taunts him from above, "Come on strong man!" The muscle hunk sees red and escapes choking the arrogant newb into the wall, "You see that? Look at it. That is me; I am Thunders!" Scrappy UNLOADS with a barrage of brutal gut punches then wraps his powerful pythons around Jacob in a tight full nelson, "Little pipsqueak, I'll break you!" The thief's punishment continues as the vet picks him up in a massive fireman's carry SHAKING and squatting him with ease before tossing him down. "You gonna say you're sorry?" Scrappy mounts the rookie's abs flexing as Van Acker gets his wish and muscle worships the vet, "I just wanted to look like you!" Playtime is over as a double pec claw and STOMPS to the abs have Jacob struggling to breathe. "Teach you some lessons!" The dominant vet unleashes more pain: a tight sleeper, dirty tricks, Boston crab, powerful full nelson/scissor combo, a grueling arm bar! "I'm sorry! You're gonna pop my arm out!" Van Acker can barely move as Scrappy releases his hold and yanks his hair forcing him to his feet. Helpless to escape, the rookie is picked up and dropped into a brutal over the knee back breaker! BLOOD CURDLING screams fill the arena as the devious Scrappy digs his elbow and fist deep in Jacob's abs then drops him down into one of the tightest cradle/banana split combos you have ever seen! "You're gonna split me in half!" howls the newb as the vet clamps on another dirty trick, "I know I am!" Van Acker is released and writhes in pain on the mat, "I'll buy you a pre-workout I promise!" The ruthless Scrappy continues his lesson with SKULL-CRUSHING front and rear head scissors squeezing harder and harder, "Say you won't steal from anyone again! You give? Want me to keep going?" Jacob can no longer take the excruciating pain and taps out, but it's not over! A devastating chokelift and OVERHEAD PRESSES leave one muscle hunk knocked out with a face full of pre-workout mix!