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Jaguar vs Dom9 - 4K06

$ 18.99
$ 25.95

Why the painful lesson in respect? 

"What's up big guy, I was just trying to feel your quads!" admires Jaguar; his hand smacked away by a pissed off Dom9. Refusing to stop, Jaguar is shoved down on his face as Dom9 mounts his back squeezing Jaguar's legs with his hands and smacks Jaguar's ass. "You came in here all big; let's stretch this leg out!" threatens Dom9 as Jaguar groans in pain barely escaping. Jaguar pounces attacking Dom9's tree-trunk quads with punches, elbows, and grueling leg stretches! "You give yet?" taunts Jaguar as Dom9 screams in agony refusing to quit and is rolled into a rib-cracking belly to back bearhug and body scissors. Desperate, Dom9 strikes with elbows to the ribs, claws Jaguar's ass, and breaks away with a leg stretch/sleeper of his own. Jaguar gasps for air seconds away from passing out as Dom9 worships his chiseled abs. Things get down and dirty as Dom9 and Jaguar use ball claws, stretches, leg locks, forearm blows, and hard-hitting punches battling for control. Dom9 takes charge and muscle worships Jaguar's abs and chest before lifting Jaguar up by his groin yanking harder and harder to teach him a lesson! Jaguar howls in pain crumbling to the mat as a sweaty Dom9 flexes his beefy muscles. A vicious low blow sends Dom9 crashing down. Hungry for revenge, Jaguar stands on Dom9's quads and pulls back on his arms trying to break Dom9 in half! Dom9 screams in pain; his beefy pecs ready to rip apart before he is let go. Ball claws, leg stretches, punches, and skull-splitting head scissors have Dom9 and Jaguar straining for the win with a surprise finish at the pool