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Jaguar vs Santiago - Mat Rats 129

$ 31.25

Mr. Mike told these two they needed to do a real MMA submission match because they both specialize in that in real life so they agreed!  What happened next was REAL submissions done very sexy! 

 "We got somebody that knows how to fight huh?" taunts Jaguar circling his prey ready to pounce. "Let's do it bitch!" threatens Santiago not backing down. Jaguar attacks with a great takedown.  Wrapping Jaguar in a CRUSHING scissor/sleeper combo Santiago wastes no time countering. Groaning in pain, Jaguar strains to escape as Santiago's muscle worships Jaguar's shredded frame.  Jaguar breaks away with quick jabs to Santiago's ribs and a sharp kick to the quad. The match heads down to the mat with a tight cradle, chops to the back, and vicious punches that have both wrestlers stunned at how tough the other guy is but Santiago mounts Jaguar and yanks back on his arms trying to break them as Jaguar screams out in pain. "What are you gonna do huh?" taunts Santiago. Full of rage, Jaguar somehow escapes and jumps off the wall with a flying off the wall punch that stunned our camera team! Santiago crashes to the ground; his thick muscles rolled into up into a painful body scissors/arm-bar combo. His arm about to snap, Santiago screams in pain as the match gets sexy with vicious dirty tricks, choking, grueling leg stretches, claws, and a few smacks to the ass have Jaguar and Santiago mounting each other's tight bodies rolling around on the mat trying for a submission.

Santiago wraps Jaguar in a sleeper using his rock-hard bicep tighter and tighter as Jaguar gasps for air barely escaping. "Time to go to dreamland!" threatens Jaguar.  After the passout.  Jaguar's fierce gut punches knock the air from Santiago's lungs. Santiago crumbles to the mat and is wrapped in a crushingscissor/sleeper combo. His muscles drained and too tired to escape, Santiago soon passes out.  When he wakes up the intense battle gets even HOTTER as Jaguar and Santiago tear each other try to get the other "bitch baby" to submit with an intense full nelson, vicious leg lock, and breath-taking sleepers which will shock you with this ending!