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JaJa vs Phish - Ring Wars 111

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Disrespect and Lessons Learned

Phish can feel the arrogance oozing out of JaJa as he flexes in front of the camera. Phish goes to shake JaJa's hand as a sign of respect and JaJa refuses. Phish does not take kindly to the disrespect, and his mood goes from friendly to firm. Phish makes JaJa tie up in the middle of the ring and the action flies into the corner turnbuckle as JaJa throws Phish across the ring in a massive display of power! Phish changes his tactic against his bigger opponent. A low blow swings the momentum to Phish and he takes control of the match. Phish has the in-ring experience but JaJa's strength is giving Phish a hard time! A brutalizing full nelson finds Phish in pain slowly passing out slower and slower. 

JaJa throws Phish to the mat and flexes hard for the camera. Sweat is beginning to pour as JaJa takes over. A standing head scissors leaves Phish writhing on the mat in pain. A small window of opportunity lets Phish land a shot taking JaJa to the mat. Phish has no choice but to wrap his arms around JaJa's neck and try to put the muscle behemoth out cold! Submission after submission, Phish wears on JaJa.

Phish turns this ring wars into a gritty beatdown! This knock-out, drag-out battle's intensity sours when Phish turns up the heat and puts the lock on JaJa. Will JaJa's strength be too much of an obstacle to overcome for Phish?