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posing showing muscles

Jake is Muscle Worshiped by Scrappy & KaSee - No Holds Barred 148

$ 34.75

It's triple the muscle, triple the action in this 2 on 1 muscle worship match up! Scrappy and Kasee decide to tag team and walk in on the 210lbs muscle beast. "You're huge!" Kasee grabs Jake's bulging bicep as Scrappy joins in. The behemoth flexes, "Worship these muscles little boys! Appreciate all this hard earned powerful muscle!" The tag team can't get enough as Scrappy grabs a handful of Jake's beefy pec, "That's a big chest! Think I can hurt you?" He tries a pec claw, but it doesn't work! "Try harder, you too!" commands Jake. Kasee joins in for a DOUBLE PEC CLAW, but the beast flexes crushing their hands against his biceps as they yell in pain! "Why don't you guys start lifting some weights like big boy daddy over here!" Jake flexes a double bicep challenging his worshippers to hang from his pythons. Scrappy obeys, but Kasee sticks his head under Jake's quads? Big mistake! The goliath locks in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors as he screams in agony! "You asked for it!" Scrappy tags out leaving Kasee to suffer. "I was admiring his calves. Get these tree trunks off me!" The muscle stud gasps for air, but Jake lets him go delivering a back-breaking TORTURE RACK and vicious camel clutch! Scrappy returns breaking up the hold sparing his partner as he crawls away. Jake orders Scrappy to continue his worship, "Say another word, I'll have to do to you what I did to him!" Scrappy obeys and tries PUNCHING Jake's quads of steel, but he feels nothing. "Look at the veins coming out of you!" "Why don't you lick that thigh?" Scrappy refuses sending Jake into a rage! The muscle beast takes his victim down and lays on top of him pinning him under his mountainous frame. "You've gotten so big!" groans Scrappy. Jake mounts his abs and SQUEEZES his ribs with his quads, "You're going nowhere. Worship that muscle!" Kasee sneaks up with a surprise sleeper pulling the beast down for a scissors/sleeper combo. "It's gonna take two of you to take me out huh?" Kasee struggles to keep the muscle bull down, and he escapes with brutal gut punches! "Pick on someone your own size!" The muscle monster wraps his MEATHOOK hands around Kasee's throat forcing him to his feet for a chokelift! "Go to sleep petty fool!" Kasee passes out and collapses to the mat as Scrappy CHARGES in with a surprise bearhug! Jake is just too strong and breaks away delivering his own massive bearhug as Scrappy crumbles to the mat. He stacks his victims on top of each other and delivers a DOUBLE HEAD SCISSOR! "I got both of you puny little boys now. Where you guys going?" The tag team is in pure agony as the goliath takes his scissors down to the mat. They pull and pull and finally break the viselike grip. Kasee taunts the muscle beast, "If you think you're so powerful, why don't I just run into you?" Jake grins knowing how this is gonna end, "Run at me!" Kasee BARRELS in hitting the impenetrable wall of muscle and crumbles to the mat. It's time for Jake to unleash his power: bearhugs, ab stretches, gut punches, sleepers, ONE-HAND CHOKELIFTS! Can the tag team recover and work together to bring down the behemoth, or will they end up a beaten pile of muscle on the mat?