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Jake & Joey King wrestle Stallion & Bull at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Jake & Joey King vs Stallion & Bull - Ring Wars 92

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

Licking their chops, the 520lbs tag team draws an imaginary line in the ring DARING their tiny victims to cross! "Did you guys get picked on all of your lives? This one found a weight set around 20. You're still getting picked on; you look 40!" mocks Stallion calling out Jake. "I'm only 23; my muscle is more mature than both of you combined!" declares Jake. The mountains of muscle laugh in disbelief, "That's bad! If I was 150lbs! I've had girls bigger than you!" mocks Stallion. "I'm 200lbs! You have arms but everything else is fat!" Playtime is over as Joey King steps up ready for a fight, "What are you gonna do b****?" A shoving match breaks out; when of nowhere, Joey CLOTHESLINES Stallion as Jake mounts his abs pinning down his powerful pythons, "Look at those big biceps!" "You wanna touch that right there? Get a handful; there it is!" taunts the behemoth LAUNCHING the 200 pounder off. Tying up, Jake breaks free and sweeps the big man's legs out tripping him on his face. "Big tree falls hard; keep him down!" mocks Joey. Dazed, Stallion is rolled into a crushing head scissors as he groans in pain. "Let's go Stallion!" cheers Bull. Full of rage, the mountain of muscle breaks free wrapping the shredded vet in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson; screaming in pain, Jake is dropped down where Stallion digs his knee in his back yanking his arms nearly out of socket! The behemoth lets go bending over his prey to pick him up, but Jake FLIPS the 260 pounder head over heels sending him crashing to the mat! Barely moving, the bodybuilder mounts the muscle giant's abs STRETCHING him out with his quads of steel moaning in pure ecstasy. "Why are you moaning?" yells Joey King. "I'm just doing what you taught me!" "I didn't teach you any of that!" Pissed off, the pro-wrestler takes over as the shredded Bull tags in. "Can you tag flubber back in?" mocks Joey King, "You paying attention? I'm not gonna moan at all during this!" The devious pro challenges the muscle giant to a mercy challenge but surprises him with a knee to the gut, hammers his back down to the mat, and locks in a CRIPPLING camel clutch. "Come on, don't let him do you like that Bull!" Groaning in pain, the vet digs in deep taunting the behemoth, "Better reach for the ropes, go ahead! There's no referee, so it doesn't matter!" Inch by inch, Bull finally grabs the rope as Joey jumps up DROPPING his weight on his lower back and stretches him through the ropes YANKING on his neck, "Let's go big man!" "You didn't teach me that!" yells Jake. "I'm teaching you right now, pay attention, take some notes!" In agony, Bull's rock-hard chest is HAMMERED with brutal forearm blows as Jake tags in for gut punches and a grueling guillotine choke dragging the giant down, "Is that better?" Barely breathing, the 260 pounder is GATOR ROLLED into a tight full nelson. "Why don't you come in here and do something about it b****!" taunts Jake calling out Stallion. His blood boiling, Bull breaks away but is lifted up and down in crushing rear bearhug. "He looks angry!" taunts Joey. A second escape has the behemoth battling back with a vicious hammerlock and tight full nelson HURLING Jake into the ropes! Stallion and Joey King tag in as the pro-wrestler dodges the behemoth, slams him on his face, and straddles his back YANKING on his thick neck, "How you like that one Lurch?" Stallion groans in pain as he's dragged to his knees; his pythons stretched out wide as Joey's knee DIGS into his back and pounds away at his meaty pecs with brutal forearm blows! Jake tags in as the behemoth recovers lifting him in an UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug. "Lights out baby!" yells Stallion PILEDRIVING the 200 pounder into the mat; his broken body landing on top of the mountain of muscle. "Get up!" Barely conscious, Jake is dragged to the center of the ring as Joey knocks the giant down with a forearm to the back. "Is your little dad gonna save you?" mocks Stallion. "What did you say?" Furious, Joey drags the heavyweight to his knees by the throat, HAMMERS his gorilla sized chest, and locks in a dragon sleeper! Incredibly, Stallion FLIPS the pro-wrestler over on his back to escape. "Why is your chest so red?" mocks Joey struggling to his feet. "Cuz you smacked the s**t out of it! I think you just want to touch me honestly!" The pro-wrestler swoops in tripping the muscle giant on his face for a sit-down BACK-BREAKING Boston crab, "Damn, you're not flexible!" Grunting and groaning in agony, the 260 pounder does push ups in the hold sending Joey CRASHING face first into the turnbuckle, "Now it's a party!" Jake and Bull tag in as the smaller vet goes to town on the big man with an over-the-shoulder takedown and brutal fireman's carry passing him off to Joey King. A mercy challenge has the ruthless pro driving his knee into Bull's gut, dropping him with a NECK-BREAKER, and painfully stretching him on the mat, "You can tap any time you want!" "Don't tap!" Groaning in agony, Bull refuses to submit and is wrapped up in a tight full nelson, "Get in here, give him a couple rib shots!" Jake climbs in as Stallion comes to the rescue. "You get your big a** out!" "Make me!" The NON-STOP action heats up with both tag teams in the ring at the same time: kick to the gut, blows to the back, scissor/sleeper combo, brutal fireman's carry, face-first slams into the turnbuckle! "Why are you always getting your a** kicked?" mocks Joey King making fun of his own partner. "Why don't you come help me?" asks Jake. "I'm taking care of the bigger one!" Their tag team unraveling, Jake QUITS and climbs out of the ring, "You know what? You got it; have fun!" In disbelief, Joey begs, "Get your a** back in here! You expect me to take on both these big mother f***ers by myself?" All alone, the 520lbs tag team is ready to TEAR the pro-wrestler apart piece by piece: crushing headlock, face-first slam in turnbuckle, shoulder blows to the abs, meathook clothesline! A maniacal laugh echoes through the ring, "I'm really gonna enjoy this!"